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  1. Swiggle

    Paint Delay

    Hello having looked through guides on how to reduce cpu and ram usage, one of the guidelines were reducing the paint delay. is there a way i can do this as it does not allow me to move the indicator on the swipe bar. picture below. also, before running the main tribot interface, do i run the startup interface with "no proxy" so that it is strongest on my home ip and then once i open individual clients, use proxies? Many thanks
  2. Swiggle

    Ipv4 or ipv6?

    Thank you for this information. as you can tell, i am noob
  3. Swiggle

    Ipv4 or ipv6?

    Welcome just a quick one, because i am having issue after issue with proxy sites, please can somebody confirm which is the preferable option for ipv4 or ipv6 sock 5 proxies? thank you in advance.
  4. Swiggle


    i have the same issue although, nobody seems to know. im stuck with 5 proxies from Proxyfish and 3 auths i have bought along with VIP Extended and it all seems to be a waste.
  5. Hey Einstein i hope all is well, do you know if you can implement a change so that misclicks do not occur with the deposit box, ladder and bankbooth at seers bank? it seems when the course is finished, while running back to the start, the camera rotates and the cursor tries to spam click "climb bank wall". once it misses the wall and clicks either the deposit box, bankbooth or ladder, the bot then fails to recover. Kind regards
  6. Good morning Einstein, i hope you are keeping safe and well during this difficult and pressing time. last night, i ran the Relative Agility script and found on many occasions the script had been standing there for many hours due to the following blockages: Camelot Agility Course:- - misclick on deposit box (it does not allow the script to click x and correct its pathing -misclick on ladder (it climbs up then down then up and so forth. it does not correct its pathing. - misclick on bankbooth, it closes and opens the bank and does not correct its pathing. all of the above continues until 6 hour logout. is there a way i can prevent this happening? UPDATE - i tried again today and it seems the errors occur when the mouse attempts to click the wall of Seers bank while either in camera rotation or spam clicking ending up inside the bank while running from the end of the course. any help you can provide, will be most helpful. Stay well, Swiggle
  7. uhm quick question and it may sound stupid.. but i thought if you turned on the option to never misplace traps.. surely you would gain more xp and catches per hour or am i wrong believing that ?
  8. ^^^ same happening for me not sure what has happened but yh.. im normally patient but when you pay for scripts and vip you do expect as a customer to have good service and repairs asap
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