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  1. Ok thanks if you did, should make it run with and without teleport option. Would not be using for gold farming.
  2. Are there any rune crafting scripts with that can do ZMI ?
  3. Hey sent you a request on skype msg me back when available
  4. You are really lucky you got a 2 day ban, wouldn't risk botting on the account again homie
  5. Call them a noob and walk away
  6. holy shit lol
  7. Best of luck
  8. i bought the gold farming shirt best $20 ever spent
  9. LOL thats jokes
  10. Try the Batista it can hit up to 80
  11. Actually surprised they are adding more members to bot busting
  12. Sucks to suck lol
  13. The Stakers that ask for 1.1x or sometimes 1.2x
  14. Curious on peoples opinions on people that Max Main stake Xers or if you do it yourself! Tell me what you think of them
  15. sold