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  1. was finally able to withdraw some orbs after bout 5 mins of clicking took off the energy potion option though, it did 1 inv then got stuck with the same stuff i mentioned above. was able to get it to run by moving the bank tab manually to the area where were supplies were then starting the bot. ran for about 30 minutes and is still running now with no bugs except the banking glitch.
  2. it can't withdraw energy pots from bank, doesn't scroll down far enough in the bank tab jus sits there trying to withdraw from the chat box area, same for the unpowered orbs, jus sits there trying withdraw from the bank. moved them all into the same tab and still didn't work. doesn't scroll far down enough in bank tab to view the item jus clicks in chat box where they would be if they could see down there.
  3. thanks joe been waiting for that moment! gonna try it now
  4. i jus bought this yesterday and it glitches twice while trying to use so looking forward to this update! jus tried to use and it can't even remove things out of bank
  5. Looks good!
  6. I like ur idea, I think u should base ur break times on how you would play on say a rainy day when you sit there all day.
  7. This is pretty cool. I'll have to give it a try. Does it cost anything?