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  1. was wondering if there is any sort of policy regarding any compensation for money lost on script auths that are non funcitioning scripts ? say I purchased a script for a 14 day auth for $30, and the script doesn't work for 10 of those 14 days, is there compensation? or
  3. https://i.gyazo.com/dce3aacc0a489ea12f90e687dd3ebfe4.gif another bug, needs a failsafe for this, script does not work currently @Usa , paid $30usd for 14 days yet i wont have all days of access for the script to be working,
  4. @USA the bot CONSTANTLY gets stuck on Eating, not looting and not attacking dragons. The Save button is broken, when you load saved profiles it does not give you the saved profile. the Quick Prayers function is also broken, not turning on prayer when getting attacekd big issue is the Eating issue. half my bots are useless with it. Since I have paid $30 usd for half a week, each day this bug exists is me losing money. need a fix asap mate
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/234722faebe143e8fbcd553a9071279d.png first thing i noticed is that when ticking the use super strength/attack potion option, if you do not have both super attack and strength, the feature will not work. can you please enable me to be able to choose to solely use super attack potions? (strength are 4x more expensive)
  6. purchasing now, hoping we can work together to ensure script is working to maximum efficiency
  7. looking for deadman account creator (5x exp obviously) add my skype live:rekkke
  8. Service: account creation n levelling Your skype: live:rekkke Payment/Payment method: any i dont care Agreement to TOS [YES/NO]: yes
  9. Hey guys, with the release of my modern goldfarming guide, I'm looking for some people to give FREE COPIES to. There will be no advertising or anything, just honest copies to be given out to those who I think will be able to help me improve the guide. These people would be able to review it and give me advice, criticism and feedback etc. regarding the content of the guide so I can improve it. If you want a bit more context about my guide, I will enclose an image link to my guide thread in a spoiler (NOTE: this is only to give context to the readers if they wish, you don't have to look at it if you don't want to). The guide is free?If you fill the criteria and I deem you worthy, you can take a free copy, yes Why are you posting this here?I'm looking for people with some sort of experience in botting, not just trusted people, hence why I am posting this here in the TRiBot botting forum. I'd like to post it here because I know there are people in this forum that have the knowledge in farming that I need in somebody reviewing the guide. What do you want them to do?I want them to review it from a goldfarmers point of view, and tell me where and how I can improve. Every suggestion you give is taken on board and hopefully I will be able to implement. The guide is currently 14,000 words long, and I am always looking to make it larger and give it more information. How can I get a free copy of the guide?Basically, show me that you have some experience and knowledge in goldfarming, and you know how to run one yourself, and practises you've taken. Keep in mind, I won't be giving out a hundred free copies; I am looking for people with a lot of experience, not amateurs. I'm sure some people will be trying to get a copy of it without even having ran a large goldfarm before, hence why I am looking for the people with experience. if you think you fill this criteria, or you have any questions about the guide itself, feel free to add my skype live:rekkke or pm me here.
  10. they choose to buy the guide Montreal, I do not try to convince them or anything. I have legitimately given out free copies, if you want a list of people I have given it to, private message me and I can provide you. Also I can show you all of my skype conversations with the people who have bought it from Tribot showing that I have not once told them to buy it.
  11. how is this funny
  12. i am not sure what you mean