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  1. kattoor

    How to add personal scripts into the Client?

    For the time being, this would work: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57564-reload-script-without-stopping-bot/
  2. kattoor

    TRibot_Launcher.jar won't open

    Try running the jar from your command prompt to see if some error occurs. Command: java -jar jarname.jar Don't forget to set your java class path for the command to work, otherwise you have to replace 'java' with the path manually.
  3. kattoor

    TRiBot not seeing local scripts

    Try renaming your Scripts package to scripts (lower case!). I think this might fix your problem.
  4. kattoor

    Reload script without stopping bot

    Just tell me how you would 'hack' a web host? I'm really curious since you act like you posses some kind of almighty hack button. Anyone on this forum with knowledge on this matter will tell you what I'm telling you.
  5. kattoor

    Reload script without stopping bot

    Alright, if you really believe it's that easy to hack a web host, hack the one I am using.
  6. kattoor

    Reload script without stopping bot

    You make hacking a web host look so easy lol
  7. kattoor

    Reload script without stopping bot

    Since it's running under TRiBot, it's subordinate to TRiBot's rules I think. So I'm pretty sure script writers can't do anything this way they aren't able to do in official repo scripts.
  8. This topic is for the scripters interested in making their scripts update itself without the user needing to re-run it. The script to be updated For the sake of this tutorial I made a very simple script which prints 'Hello World' to the Bot Debug console. You can find the script here. The script implements the Runnable interface so we can easily run it through the provided run method. Jar your script and upload it somewhere. I uploaded mine to a free webhost. It's located at http://kattoor.comuf.com/Main.jar The script users download in the repository Now, for the script you actually upload to the repository, we'll be using a URLClassLoader. As the Javadoc states, the newInstance method allows us to create a new instance of the URLClassLoader for any specified URL. Since I've uploaded my jar at http://kattoor.comuf.com/Main.jar, I initialize the URLClassLoader like this: URLClassLoader classLoader = URLClassLoader.newInstance(new URL[] {new URL("http://kattoor.comuf.com/Main.jar")});Which in this instance is just the same as initializing it with it's constructor: URLClassLoader classLoader = new URLClassLoader(new URL[] {new URL("http://kattoor.comuf.com/Main.jar")});Now we can load a class from the jar file using the URLCLassLoader's loadClass method. Since I gave my script-class the name 'Main', my call looks like this: Class cls = classLoader.loadClass("Main");Take note that the object cls is an instance of the type Class and not your Main class. Since cls is an object of Class we can use it's method newInstance to retrieve an instance of the class it represents. This part may be confusing, if you really want to understand what this means, I'm sure there will be some great explanation on StackOverflow Since our Main class implemented the Runnable interface, we can downcast the object we retrieved from the newInstance method to a Runnable type and call it's run method: ((Runnable) cls.newInstance()).run();Which is just the same as: Object obj = cls.newInstance();((Runnable) obj).run();Et voila, now you have called the run method from the jarred Main class you have uploaded! What can I actually do with this? You could use the URLClassLoader in the script you upload on the TRiBot repository to load the actual script which is located somewhere on the web. Instead of just instantiating the class once, you could do this every ten minutes in your main loop. This way the user's script will update automatically whenever you update the jar you uploaded to the web. By implementing this, you (and other users) won't have to re-start your script after adding bugfixes and/or updates. I hope this is useful to anyone! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try my best answering all of them
  9. kattoor

    Can't use local scripts

    Oh god I feel like a complete moron right now. Thank you kind sir!
  10. kattoor

    Can't use local scripts

    Alright, I can now run my local scripts. Didn't put them in a 'scripts' folder previously. Still having the problem that I can't upload anything to the repo though..
  11. kattoor

    Can't use local scripts

    Any ideas? Bought VIP under one hour ago, could this be the problem? Also, when I try to upload a script, it gets DENIED without any explanation.
  12. kattoor

    [Mac] Local scripts won't load

    What about creating a script consisting of your own classloader and uploading that to the repo? You could then use that script to run your local scripts
  13. kattoor

    [Mac] Local scripts won't load

    You need to buy VIP for local scripts to work
  14. kattoor

    Switch to Java 8

    So we can use Java 8 Streams, Lambda's and so on? Awesome!
  15. Don't let these guys scare you, threads aren't /that/ difficult to understand (especially for what you are attempting to do!) If you bump into an issue, we'll help you