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  1. Xensi

    How many hours per day botting

    18max 6hour break times then every 2 days do a random 8 hour break
  2. to use barbtailed harpoons select "handfishing" and "Fishsharks" on the GUI <- add that
  3. Baxtorian falls isn't working anymore I think ID changes it clicks the river when there's no bubbles in the water.. and stop fishing and my guy just stands there...
  4. Xensi


    trash questing script sorry m8 3/5 it did restless ghost but everything else fails Waterfall Priest in peril
  5. Xensi

    End of Google Wallet Support

    aaww how lame I have to switch my emails over to use paypal
  6. alright hey man been using this for 3 days like my hours and exp?(:
  7. fucking script got me killed at fishing guild level 2 man attacked me until I died in front of everyone.... and my auto retaliate was ON, anything you can do lol? for nowI've put my mouse on "Right click only" option just waking up to this was like wth xD
  8. bans in f2p are 65% higher I barly started a fishing free script it got 27- 40fish banned next to barb village lol
  9. what the fu** is this script? I'm trying to make it work on karajama it logs me off.. lol wasted 12$ for this? I'll justy buy mems and use Catherby I guess!!
  10. This is the biggest issue in f2p right now. It doesn't seem to get off the karajama boat easy.