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  1. Personally gone through 7 consecutive bonds so 3 months 24/7
  2. Fixing log out timer to allow for the 10+ second delay (currently gets to 4 seconds before it hits log out again) Fixing price checking so it uses the recent checked prices (currently gets stuck in a loop before logging out) Even with custom settings to stop the script from logging out it continues to do so making the script pretty much useless for Seasonal DMM currently.
  3. Just started 1 up after a long time and not seeing any issues?
  4. Weath is banning accounts to increase his stats on gold taken out of the game, in doing so he is raising the gold price so he can dump all his gold.
  5. Got a load of free time at the moment, I may write an application just not sure for what yet. Best of luck
  6. Nice picture off reddit
  7. Check out TAU Script Maker Simple to use, should be able to make it do what you want in 30 mins https://tribot.org/forums/topic/58160-free-beta-tau-script-maker-development-release/
  8. Doesn't work and the new one is awhile a way.
  9. The new version will be at least another week seeing as the other script he is working on hasn't been released. I'm guessing 2 weeks or so
  10. Shits N Giggles