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  1. Getting stuck at the poll booth, have to manually click history for the script to head to the next area. @Final Calibur
  2. Mine is working making the accounts but not saving the information in the accounts.txt
  3. Also having this issue on multiple run throughs, going to be doing this for a long time with a bronze pickaxe trying to get 27 mining.
  4. Bought the tut + 7qp version and haven't had any issues running 20+ accounts through. Looking glass is working well also. Very happy with the purchase
  5. Been waiting for something like this for so long, looks amazing!
  6. I just sent you a message
  7. Fixing log out timer to allow for the 10+ second delay (currently gets to 4 seconds before it hits log out again) Fixing price checking so it uses the recent checked prices (currently gets stuck in a loop before logging out) Even with custom settings to stop the script from logging out it continues to do so making the script pretty much useless for Seasonal DMM currently.
  8. Weath is banning accounts to increase his stats on gold taken out of the game, in doing so he is raising the gold price so he can dump all his gold.
  9. download rufus, open rufus, locate iso file and install it on usb in rufus. Go to bios and make pc boot from usb first, install
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