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  1. Tried three different cards which have all worked in the past for credits for VIP and even verified a paypal email address to my account and it still says fraudulent transaction? I am not going to pay a third party to transfer me credits.... what other payment options do I have??? Why is Tribot making it so difficult for themselves to take money jesus christ.
  2. THANK YOU It worked first card.
  3. So been using Tribot for years now but always run it at home on my laptop no worries.... Being exam period at uni thought may as well run the bot while at uni so downloaded Tribot here and logged in but bot gets stuck on: "Loading Client Params" then the last few lines in my white stuff below says: [13:13:05] at obf.nK.G(ah:283) [13:13:05] at obf.nK.(ah:39) [13:13:05] at obf.bm.(he:74) [13:13:05] at obf.gm.(ui:117) [13:13:05] at obf.mm.(ei:46) [13:13:05] at obf.bJ.run(dh:546) [13:13:05] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) Any help guys? Thanks
  4. Just double checked and yeah is latest version of Java, could be but in a quick google search typing in "client params" and clicking the tribot links seems you can fix it somehow ( leading me to believe it wouldn't be uni security programs etc ). Hopefully someone on here can clarify this situation for me! Just hope my bot is still running ok at home lol
  5. I am on the university computers so I would assume that it has the latest version of Java as all their software for stuff seems to be the most up to date.
  6. Just did this then and re opened the Loader and same thing, nothing changed in the settings ( nothing new ). Stupid client paramas. Unfortunately don't think I'l be able to bot at uni unfortunately
  7. Only thing in the settings folder when I click it are as follows: Break Profiles Script Queue starter profiles mouse data firewall general proxies data script startup
  8. That just brings me back to the .tribot folder?
  9. Hey just Tried following that guide in which you just linked me and I got up to the stage in the the .tribot folder and then settings where it says to delete the hook thing but it is not showing up for me on my screen?
  10. bots broken when trying to do attack potion / d battleaxe method, just keeps withdrawing attack potions at bank
  11. Can you use the absorbtion method for toxic blowpiping?If so how?
  12. nice
  13. Is Tri online?
  14. Whats this looking glass thing? dw found it
  15. Same here!!!???
  16. I am botting 5 accounts atm , one main, one 1 defence pure and three eel fishers..... if you are getting banned then yes you are doing it wrong /blatantly.
  17. What admin do I contact because yeah mine has dissapeared too ( lifetime auth )
  18. Jesus how the fuck do any of use get banned lmao? Like I got a ban maybe 2 months ago for being a lazy botter on a gold farming one then immediately changed my Ip and not had a ban since just botting smarter...
  19. Yep this along with the break cancellation is the only bug that i noticed, works fine for dds but.
  20. Hey Tri bit of feedback for you mate ( long time no talk ) Ghould script is still flawless have maxed out 4 accounts now, just bought this script as getting bored so made a one defence pure. The reason I never get banned is because I have set my breaks up flawlessly with the bot so only problem I have noticed with this script is it keeps over riding the break when it comes time and then it stops working all together so have to run without a break so could you please fix this.
  21. King of bro, been running it past few days. Atm on 71 ranged only getting 28kxp/hour which could be faster but what happens is I see you have programmed it to spam click in intervals of three-four. I am not sure if it is my laggy laptop or not but it spams the three-four while arrow is mid flight meaning the target board screen 50% of the time pops up and the bot has to close that screen. Apart from that is running perfectly for me from what I have watched.
  22. Any update? Soon as I see some positive reveiews after the update I will be your next customer
  23. maxed out combat stats is this usable as range training? would i use blow pipe with dharoks method / absorbtion potions? cheers
  24. I watched his stream yesterday, what he is doing is completely legal as it just just a staking game nothing else. He actually said in his stream yesterday he was going to have a scheduled meeting with a J mod today to discuss it so don't expect him to get banned anytime soon .