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  1. It opens the bank and just sits at "clicking object" can anyone help me out?
  2. What are your specs?
  3. i was getting a lot before but now i've been running 3 bots with 512mb cap for about 2 hours and it's fine so far.
  4. it's red hat. 4.4.6-4
  6. added you on skype. i had the same problem and i fixed it myself.
  7. It seems that tribot is working on linux os now but just curious. is anyone's bots crashing a lot lately on linux now or is it just me. trying to trouble shoot whether or not if it is my VPS or linux and tribot that is the problem.
  8. still get the same msg. i reinstalled it and still the same msg :/
  9. Guys we really need some help here about this issue! We can't bot on our linux based pc's because of this update!! Please respond!
  10. We really need some help here with the newest tribot not working on linux! :'( Please reply
  11. swag
  12. my b. downloaded the newest one and it worked. thanks .
  13. you have to update the id for the sawmill operator or something cause after it makes it to the sawmill, it just stands there and does nothing.
  14. I think they changed the ID of the planker dood. After it gets the logs and runs to the planker, it just stands infront of him.