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  1. what dose checking price check box off do i seen the answer on bot loader but can someone explain the benefits is it going to increase the hourly income ?
  2. idk what but something def happaned its really slow 9m stack 25k hr now its back to 80k hope it goes back to normal soon
  3. damn merching been so slow past couple dayss anyone eles?
  4. i think dueling ring firecrafting should be looked at please keeps teling to duel arena when it just enters the fire altar Debug 2 is the bug please and thank you
  5. cool probably will get the 10 client one of u soon is it instant if i pay ?
  6. idk with my experince i had my friend give me 2 old accounts from 2009 a few days ago and bought a fresh ip one got ban perm one still good but on my home ip every single acc that gets ban its 2 days thats switching ip too i run 2 accs on home ip believe me if ip is fresh u get chance brand new accs get 2 days if i get ban after aweek or so time to look for some private proxies from unkown sites cheers
  7. i been testing with my home ip with how to know if a proxy is flagged is very simple with my home ip fresh ips i get a 2 day ban on new accs and with proxies i get perm test this out yourself u will know this is how u know a proxy u purchased is flagged with brand new rs ips u get a chance for sure for the past few months i bought proxies all flagged i usually get 2 accs ban with 2 days with home ips
  8. that would be really good if it could be done maby something like a menu so u can choose ur own timing for abc how long to afk and stuff like a agility it will make tremendous difference