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  1. has 2 problems on Canafis Course. Gets stuck "floating" at the start of the course, idk why it does this i think its a game bug, but to get out of the floating part i just need to click on the roof. and when it falls in the north western corner it idles and does not run back to the start.
  2. @Usa just purchased the script and it gets stuck trying to hop worlds. Is this something I can fix
  3. i dont know whats going on like i said the first time i ran it it was good it only died 2 times out of like 20 kills, sometimes getting 2 kills a trip, now it dies more than it gets kills
  4. seems like the bot alway dies at the jad stage, it prioritizes switching the gear over the prayer and eating, and doesnt switch the pray fast enough
  5. also using toxic trident and blow pipe and void
  6. Im using LG my stats are 91 range 95 magic and 75 def . Like i said it was doing good at one point now its constantly dying
  7. I need help it seem the bot is dying a lot more than it is getting kills. I dont think it has anything to do with the account and ive tried to follow all the setup guides i can find i dont know what to do. it seems that the first time i ran the bot it had like 10kc with 2 deaths now it cant even get a kill. Please give some advise
  8. any bans with this so far? ive made multiple accounts and tried a few different bots everyone got banned
  9. Service: Monkey madness quest and requirements on 1 prayer acc Skype: imvenghurts Your Price: Your call have you added manager: no Have you added worker: no Do you agree with Rules aka. TOS: yes
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