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  1. ofc
  2. yeah but in the end i could not care less after freetrade came out i cant play this game for fun anymore
  3. 200M xfered gg 40M i guess
  4. Well it was a good run 240M profit in 7 days
  5. Well i do have another account its 1 atk 75 def 85 str, i cbf ruin it nor do i want to make another from scratch. I do have a maxed 1 def pure (60 atk 99 str 99 hp) might get unlogged 42 def on it and get a crazy logg but not sure yet.
  6. Just a small update, woke up to this 15 hr logg, seems pretty good for boxing and my first 50m+ logg. I will continue w/o stopping the script to see if i can hit 100M in a sesh.
  7. obv i make cash but im just saying boxing isnt a populare staking method.
  8. I just say this... boxing is not populare at all
  9. yeha its a very nice build, this account got over 2:1 in win / loss rate from when i normally oddsstaked legit. It works very well with the script also
  10. Another session completed.
  11. Just got to work, found out that the servers were unstable as fk, and i got kicked out of rs all the time. The loginbot on tribot did not like this and glitched up. Still managed to get a 12 hr sesh in. Starting money was 78M and not 44M since the fkup i mentioned earlier.
  12. My cb is lower than 90, the script does not support range staking. Only dds,whip,dscim, boxing. No mage / ranged.
  13. I was stupid enough to writ shutdown -r -t on my own computer at work (and not the server i was on) so i lost my log from 44M cash stack to 78M. Anyways i started the script up again at work, and its currently running, this is the reason for the jump from 44M to 78M startingcash. Updates coming l8r with logg.
  14. So i got to work today (botting on my work comp cuz i cba at home) this is the first 24 hr sesh after the update that was yesterday. I am currently running 7 hr + sesh with 1-2 hrs randomize + 4 hr breaks + 1 hr randomize. So within 24 hrs some hours i am logged out. Proggie of my first 24 hours.
  15. No its not, i dont care if i barley get stakes. Iv been oddsstaking ever since 07 came out, and i am used to barley get stakes. Especially now that a script is doing the job for me i literally dont care, since i am not the one putting effort into finding stakes. This is just something to pass the time at my nightshift at work nothing else.