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    Script writer for powerbot. Learning TriBot api.

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    I'll, but I have to learn it first.
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    KJMotherlodeMiner I'm quite new to the tribot scene and I want to contribute to this community by releasing my first script for it. I was a script writer for Powerbot, but I left them because the support for the bot was terrible. I know for sure that tribot will fulfill my needs. KJMotherlodeMiner is a script that will mine in the Motherlode Mine. It's still in development and will only mine on groundlevel for now. Upper level will be added when I reach level 72 mining. The whole motherlode mine is mapped, this basicly means that it's super fast and you'll have great exp/hr! Features: Groundlevel mining; Quick rockfall detection ; Strut repair for when water isn't flowing; Agility shortcut exit; Whole mine is mapped -> super fast. In development: Upperlevel mining; Agility shortcut entrance; Gem bags; ABC2; ... Proggies: Please leave your proggies so I can add them to this post. Bugs: Let me know asap when you find one! Source: The full source code can be found on my github page. Changelog: [27/10/2016] Version 1.01: Public release [27/10/2016] Version 1.02: Minor bugfixes
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    make me a black brutal bot and ill pay haha

    I could, but I do not have an account which is capable of fighting those.
  5. Thanks for the update! This is awesome