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  1. He's from a different universe, I believe he arrived to planet earth and people called him an angel, so he decided to stay. But I feel like he stayed because the porn goes hard on Planet Earth
  2. What service experience do you have?:I've worked as a live chatter to make a little extra cash on an old RS site called RSItems2Go for about 3 months What type of service are you applying for?:Questing and/or minigames Age:16 How much time could you dedicate this service? Please be specific. (Amount of hours, days available, days unavailable, etc) about 6 hours, currently in highschool, Starting june 5, around 6-12hours a days Why should I hire you?: Im a dedicated member, I love the tribot forums, Im a very honorable type of person, Im pretty positive I dont have negative feedback + i've been VIP for 2 months and Im a decent scripter. Most importantly, Im in it for the hard earned cash. Do you agree with the, 'Terms of Employment?': Yes Contact Details: skype: namethewar phone number: (if im given job, ill give it over skype) Thanks for the oppurtinity!
  3. oh jeez now the RSGroundItem crap wont work :c Friggin RS stuff
  4. Thanks
  5. Doesn't work sadly.
  6. its edited on the post now
  7. Im doing a combat script and I need the script to know if the player is in combat or not, but the method im using isn't working as its saying its not a static reference for some odd reason. Please help! private void attackmonster(){ RSNPC[] monster = null; monster = NPCs.findNearest(monsterIDs); if(Player.getAnimation() == -1){ Clicking.click(monster); }else{ if(RSCharacter.isInCombat()){ } } }
  8. Oh wow! Thank you so much . lol I never knew they had that xD. once again thanks
  9. What are the food id's from trout to shark? It would be much appreciated as I need this for my combat script
  10. Anyways, I cant figure out what code withdraws something from the first slot of the bank. >.< You home dawgs wanna help a brotha out. Edit: I need to withdraw something from the first slot not a specific item.
  11. Been testing for 20min so far, so far so flawless, opens door, eats at a certain hp,(all foods) well done. Great work
  12. LOL. Sounds good.
  13. Hey guys since I started making scripts, i've noticed that I always have trouble beggining with the first part of the script on what I should start off doing first, I know its usually not organized but I would like to know some better techniques when starting a script. It would be awesome if some skilled scriptwriters could state some techniques here. Thanks
  14. Amout of accounts:1 Location:catherby What did you bot: fishing What script: DcatherbyFisher Manual/Auto ban: no idea Date / Time: 5/2/13
  15. DENCHEST GUILD FISHER This is a script im making that fishes in the fishing guild. As solid and simple as it gets. Currently only supports swordfish/tuna. Its a work in progress, so ill need some Beta Testers. Add me on skype if you would like to test::::: namethewar 5.2.13 Heres the source code: https://gist.github.com/Dench911/5505771 Thanks Please reply with suggestions and usefull stuff 5.2.13 DL V1.0 http://www.mediafire.com/?ta9rb633ae65jcm