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  1. talzcool

    Buying a socks5 proxy

    yeah i saw them but they dont accept RSGP... you have a suggestion about a seller which accepts RSGP?
  2. talzcool

    Buying a socks5 proxy

    Hello! Well, i have just started botting and now i have got into a point which i need a safe ip and a botting one, now i heard about the proxy using and i have tried free proxies (very unstable) and i have earned enough RSGP to buy a proxy for atleast 1month, now i have 2 questions: 1.are there any socks5 proxy sellers which have servers in europe? 2. how slow will my connection be if i am from europe and the server is in US? Thanks in advance for your time and answers!
  3. talzcool

    Proxy - Connection timeout?

    bump, i get this same error...