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  1. Getting really tired of this Error, have changed pw many times keep getting it like ~2 weeks now, what I'm doing wrong? Ffs can't get rid of it, can only run scripts ones, when i stop it i have to reload the client also, total bs:
  2. Pillory random isn't working like 3 days now
  3. Hours later still ~80ppl each server, that's odd
  4. Most likely the location/activity got added to the bot busting system go check out how botwatch works and read Jmods posts about botting, they ask people to report, based on that they will add new locations to it-you used to bot 24/7 now can't bot anymore cause location is monitored.
  5. Yeah loads of bots, today, before sys update there were ~150 players in worlds, after the update (~20mins after) there were average of 45 only. so 1/3 playing 07 are basically bots, that's huge number atm average players ~200 each world So if Jaijix bans thousands of bots each day they make good profit from the membership, botters will keep making new accs
  6. Hmm maybe something like this: if (ChooseOption.isOptionValid("Attack")) { ChooseOption.select(new String[] { "Attack" }); } else { ChooseOption.close(); }
  7. +1 Use while logged out then login player. instead of calling only once if logged out then login etc it usually just skips it. don't have any problems with logging in after changing that. for 1. you can add lobby check
  8. Haha great find, hope this really helps
  9. Yeah, proxy not connecting to rep is really annoying have to always restart client if I want to use rep scripts-it will use a lot of bandwidth Don't really have problems considering the other things, only that clients freeze sometimes, not sure what causes it,swagg have you encountered this problem also?
  10. Nice update, what clicking method does the new API use? Is it just DynamicClicking based or have getModel/Bounds/center etc. built into it?
  11. tacomanstan, looks like you have no idea/experience building a rig, first thing, if botting 07 why the hell you spend money on GPU? TiempoSales, I'll pm you
  12. My rig is 373€(517usd)-all new parts, did ran around 40 bots before the ban waves EDIT, forgot to add PSU, almsot 600bucks then
  13. Definitely a YES. For example Ge API-you can grab the exact price and calculate gp/h-bot can go and sell loot + buy items need. Easier to get quest items + sell random low amount items from bank to get more cash, pain to sell just few items via Zybez. Economy will be more stable. New bot ideas, for example making unf pots in Ge. Buying/selling more items when out etc. Downside would be merch clans but smarter ppl can use it also to gain some $.
  14. hmm something to do with a WebWalking, it won't come out of the loop, maybe Player.isMoving() don't function?
  15. Nice, btw bug with this update: Animation is always -1