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  1. these mods next door hacked my game for my gp when i won legitly when i should had 100s of mills and bot and keep hacking my bot along with other neighbor becuase of jealousy can ne one help out
  2. Hello I have two bots, I tryed to go through the instructions, like they did for the tau's ge bot. It worked for a bit and then stopped working. Also i have a mining bot, and i let it run over night 4-6 hours, and it wouldnt load for my other acc the next day. AFter i use these and make some money off them they stop working. Is there anyways you guys can help me so that i can fix the settings and options so that it will work anytime i want it to work. Please message me asap. I bought a month for each and my time is running out lol.
  3. wow okay man thanky you theres no problm, also i will ask him another one.
  4. hello i purchased tau's ge bot for 17.95 for one month and already 2 weeks have went by and it hasnt worked right. It was working right after i got it working int he beginnign and now even on the same items it wont even work. i wasted $17.95 i dont think so i want a refund this instant you need to send me the tribot number so i can call their scamming asses.
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