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  1. Cosmic RuneCrafter

    update please
  2. Cosmic RuneCrafter

    update it please
  3. [Hunter][ABCL10][$2]qqqChins

    Bot doesn't work for me anymore.
  4. Cosmic Crafter (80k+/hr) - by wastedbro

    makes 1 run and then stops at bank after update now...
  5. [Hunter][ABCL10][$2]qqqChins

    You most likely used another bot that was garbage and got reported, or a Jmod happen to stumbled upon you and banned you. Used this bot, and no way a jmod was next to me twice in a row in 30 mins.
  6. [Hunter][ABCL10][$2]qqqChins

    i'm serious i got banned straight away on 2 accounts once i got 63 hunter it caught like 20 chins and boom banned both accounts now.
  7. [Hunter][ABCL10][$2]qqqChins

    Gotten Banned TWICE in a row now using this bot getting to level 63 in the first 5 minutes of using it?????????????????????
  8. [Hunter][ABCL10][$2]qqqChins

    Same happend to me.