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  1. rangerwin3


    Update: The charge seems to be reversed automatically from my account and I just purchased credits from Artic instead. Would love to know why it wont allow me to purchase directly tho would be much more convenient
  2. rangerwin3


    I recently tried to purchase 6 credits via STRIPE using my credit card and it went through and gave me the green checkmark but then said " Payment failed: The zip code you supplied failed validation.. " even though it still charged my credit card... I tried this twice so idk if it double charge me but i still did not receive my credits. Can anyone help please
  3. Also suggestion, right when it teles to lava maze it should auto switch to hop worlds menu cause of high chance of pkers just chilling at the tele
  4. Sounds good loading it up now ill let you know. Update: Script is working pretty great right now on my first time running and the world hopper looks better than it was previous to the breakdown lol which is cool. Good work m8. Now all thats left is prayer and some possible updated methods of getting there my account has maxed house so if you'd like to use my account id be happy to help.
  5. Thanks for the update. I seen a guy post this earlier, its a world hopper apparently scripters can implement into their scripts.. idk if it helps but maybe a shot
  6. Yeah the new world hopping is super buggy keeps trying to put me in non-membs worlds and just sits when its trying to join a full world. Appreciate the effort tho!
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