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  1. Hey, I'm having a little trouble with the logic pathing. So I went through the tutorial and found out how to create my own logic pathing to the monster and back to the bank. The pathing from the monster to the bank is working flawlessly. But once I reach the bank and withdraw food the pathing to the monster is really off. For example, it withdraws the food then it clicks on the minimap in order to get to the monster spot. It waits at that spot it just clicked for 2 seconds then re-paths back to the bank banking the full inventory of food. It then withdraws the food again and it goes on to repeat the same process over and over again. I don't know if I set up the logic path wrong but I'm sure I didn't. I re-watched the tutorial video several times and tried to re-make the logic but it's still doing it. I've tried the web-walking feature as well but still no luck. I want to be able to help you in hopefully fixing this problem. Just send me a PM if you need screenshots or a video of it. Many Thanks, T
  2. Ok .... now I can't run my stuff. Does that mean I have to buy VIP too?!? Oh my .... we bought some of the same scripts .... is there anyway we can just transfer the premium scripts into one account?
  3. Nvm, he just bought VIP to get it done and over with. Thanks for your help.
  4. Darn, ok how would I go about to getting a refund? Or at least if there is no refund option transfer the credits he used from his account to mine.
  5. Hi, So my brother and I are getting back into the botting scene and wanted some help with this. He and I live under the same roof therefore same IP address but use different computers. We bought premium scripts separately to run for each of our accounts because we thought it was more economical than purchasing VIP. When I try to start the script it will not allow me due to multiple instances but I'm only trying to run one script on my computer and he is trying to run another script in his computer. I was wondering if this is against the rules or there is something wrong with the client. I would greatly appreciate your help. Many Thanks, TV
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the bot sometimes left clicks the top left of the screen? I'm just curious to see if it's my spot or something to do with the script.
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