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  1. bettersvensk

    Mouse data collect VIP-E feature

    Bump - I guess it's allowed?
  2. bettersvensk

    [ABC2] [Advanced][Beta] FC Mining

    I just downloaded this script. I did a few inventories. It does look a lot bot-like in a few movements. It presses on the ore and start mining and move the mouse to the next ore, then always wait a long time when finish the first ore before clicking next. (reaction time: 5000-10000 & est time 10000-12000) No legit person waits so long time before mining next ore all the time but is very quick to move the cursor to the next ore immediately & do the anitban features. In some cases it also move cursor off screen, then return to screen and exactly after the cursor have been moved back to screen my ore have been completed mining and i'm ready for next ore but then it still waits a couple seconds before mining next ore. The cursor can be moved exactly before the current ore have been finished, but still it doesn't start mine next ore. At one moment he dismissed a random event, and yet still waits as long as he always do. Another thing is that sometimes it starts mining, and then move the cursor to next ore to be ready. Then when my current ore is completed it waits so long time so the ore have been respawning, and then the bot move cursor back to the same ore again, instead of mining next ore which it already is targeting. (happens a lot of times) (I'm low mining level if that matters, might be better in higher levels, but in the low levels it very botlike atleast, imo) I know that this is a free script, but it looks like you want to do it like a premium one as you says advanced & beta in the headline.
  3. bettersvensk

    How many hours should I bot daily?

    You should bot less than 2 hours per day to minimize your chance of getting banned, but it's still a chance that you get banned. It will always be. I usally bot 3-6 hours per day, the times I usally spend at my computer anyways. I don't play more or less than I would play if I played legit. That might be a good start. Take breaks when you usally would take breaks, both short breaks like toilet visits and longer visits like hitting the gym, eating or sleep. Another tips is using scripts that play like you would play if you was playing legit. Not using script that is way to randomized, like some scripts that I have seen is using random "X-amount to make" and that's not legit at all. Like they put in different values everytime, while if I was playing legit I would use like "333" "111" "33" "99" "999" as most common value, and some other values some other times, but not as often as my most common value. Don't use scripts that is way to fast, that clicks faster than you would do it. Don't use scripts that doing things in a pattern that not a normal people would do. I have seen a lot of bots that mine at same two rocks all the time, even if there is a better options for them example. Or clicking an item in exact same spot all the time, or clicking an item totally random. That would not a normal person do either, a normal person would most likely try to aim at the middle of the item, but not exact same spot either.
  4. I just started this script and it's doing a great job, but it looks really botlike when it's "Entering X-amount" when creating goldrings. It's way to random. This bot put in a random number with 3 letters. "128, "350", "482", "821" "175", "051" etc, I don't think any normal player is using such a random numbers. I'm pretty sure all players, including me is using one single number like most of the times "33" "99" "111" "999" or something similar like that and from time to time switch, but not totally random, still "normal numbers". "using #33 80% of the times,#33 10% of the times, #999 2% of the times, #123 4%, #99 4% of the times, etc.." not exactly like that, but I hope you understand what I meant.just not totally random.. And if not one single number most of the time, still not totally random, it must be some sort of priority of easiness of writing. Edit: here is my progress anyways: 1-40 crafting level. I also had the same problem as the guy over me, I fixed it manually. It looked very bot-like aswell. He pressed use on the gold bar, then pressed on the player that was already smelting, instead of clicking on the furnace. It could happen 1-2 times as legit, but then a legit player should realize it and right click right. Another thing is that the mouse seems to be stuck at same place a lot, instead of being more humanlike and leaving the screen etc. I know this is a free script, I just wanted to come with tips on improvements
  5. Cooking tunas works perfeclty at Edgeville. It's flawless, no bugs. I like that you can choose reaction time or not. But when I tried the "Make-item" and tried both uncooked pizza (I have tomatos, cheese & pizza base in bank), it just opens bank, close bank and then stop script. It's like the script is checking for items in bank, but can't find them. I also tried it with anchovy pizza, same thing there. It can't do it. Bot Debug in both cases "Couldn't find necessary supplies on Bank." Bank location: Edgeville edit: Little feedback from when cooking Tunas. When the bot comes to the Edgeville range and just pressed "use tunas" on range and the bot will choose how many tunas it will cook "1-5-10-X or all". Then the bot don't right click on the Tuna, but on the left side all the time. It looks like a bot for me, I think normal people click on the fish. (It's what I think most people do) Here is a picture how it looks like right now: (Green dots is where it should be randomized imo)
  6. bettersvensk

    LG No Runescape client was found

    I had the same problem earlier. It was resolved by using OSbuddy for all platforms instead of Osbuddy for 64bits. I have 64bits operation system aswell.
  7. bettersvensk

    Mouse data collect VIP-E feature

    I remember that I did the same thing when I was VIP-E. I still have the same question as I'm thinking about buying VIP-E again.
  8. bettersvensk

    New here, how does it work?

    Where have you heard that? I have always heard the other way, always bot directly from the beginning, and try to always use the same author. Sound really weird that it should be the number #1 rule atleast!
  9. How to make the bot log out when I'm out of food? How to make the bot to log out after X amount of time? What's the reason the bot just randomly shut down sometimes? What is the reason why the bot just randomly log out? You don't need to know answer on all questions to answer
  10. How to make this bot/script to log out when out of food instead of banking?
  11. how to use this to cast confuse/weaken/curse for levling magic?
  12. bettersvensk

    Human Mouse Implementation

    When you upload your own mouse data that you collect will it be 100% personally or will 9 other vip-e users also get that "human mouse data"? There is any way to have my 100% own humas mouse data? Like if I upload my own & have vip-e?