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  1. I can do this for 70m. pm me if you're interested. I have more reputation at other sites.
  2. Welcome to tribot! (I hate turtles )
  3. Where have you heard that? I have always heard the other way, always bot directly from the beginning, and try to always use the same author. Sound really weird that it should be the number #1 rule atleast!
  4. No, no one can recommend you any good private socks proxies for botting. Because private proxies is private. But I'm sure someone can give you any public proxie that costs money if you're interested.
  5. How to make the bot log out when I'm out of food? How to make the bot to log out after X amount of time? What's the reason the bot just randomly shut down sometimes? What is the reason why the bot just randomly log out? You don't need to know answer on all questions to answer
  6. "We are online 24/7 for 5 Minute Delivery!" looks like you will need to edit this. No one is online atm and ready to take orders.
  7. A group of people who sit and watch bots all the days and report bugs in the threads here at tribot
  8. How to make this bot/script to log out when out of food instead of banking?
  9. how to use this to cast confuse/weaken/curse for levling magic?
  10. How do I activate Human Mouse Implementation? I'm VIP-E. When I tried to press on "Mouse Data Collector" at the loader it asks me to collect 700 red dots, and when I'm done, nothing happens, the time continue, but there is no more dots. Also, there is any fully basic guide for tribot? Thanks in advance, I want to learn a bit more before purchasing more premium scripts.
  11. When you upload your own mouse data that you collect will it be 100% personally or will 9 other vip-e users also get that "human mouse data"? There is any way to have my 100% own humas mouse data? Like if I upload my own & have vip-e?