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  1. Hey, I'm interestead in this service
  2. Delete this thread, please
  3. Gonna check and tell you! (Is there anyway to disable auto-login? If yes, I could do my own stuff to worldhop, because I don't think other scripters use the WorldHopper API, I think they use their own...)
  4. Hello guys, I know it's not a Client Bug, I think it's an API bug. When you are using WorldHopper.changeWorld(345) sometimes it may click on 325 instead (because it is clicking before the mouse reaches the 345 position. (Trying to go to 338 may cause to go to 316). Anyone else facing this bug? (Mouse clicks before it reach desired position, it's not always, it's just few times, I'd say like 5-10%) PS: WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(true/false) need to be updated, since now there are new free worlds.
  5. I got banned on 5 accounts during this weekend (Mining), but last weekend I only got banned on 3 out of 5. All f2p fresh accounts
  6. Doing Combat (in Slayer or NMZ) counts? If not I can do something else...
  7. Hello guys, guys, I'm looking for an OpenSource script with confirmed ABCL10, I'm doing few scripts, but I'm not sure how to implement ABCUtill. Maybe few simples examples would be enough: Check Skill Exp, Random Mouse Movements, Quest Check, etc Thanks a lot guys! PS: I alredy readed TRi Guide to Implement ABC, but I still not sure about how to make it correctly... PS2: Is something like that: " if (System.currentTimeMillis() >= abcUtil.TIME_TRACKER.RANDOM_MOUSE_MOVEMENT.next()) { if(abcUtil.performRandomMouseMovement()){abcUtil.TIME_TRACKER.RANDOM_MOUSE_MOVEMENT.reset(); }}"? Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello, TRiBot community, I'm creating this topic just to discuss about f2p botting on 07rs and share past experiences. Please, before you say: "Go bot p2p", keep in mind that some people can't afford buying membership with their own money, so they need to gather 1.0-1.4m in game before becoming p2p and botting. Ofc you don't need to say what you bot, just don't lie (e.g: "I'm 24/7 botting f2p for 3 years and have not been banned yet). Ok, here goes my experience: I started playing 2 weeks ago (used to play this game in back 2004, but I've never been a p2p before) and I have lots of experience botting on other games (Atlantica Online, Tibia, etc) and I study computer engineering on college. First stuff I tried to bot was clay, guess I was lucky at beginning, could bot for like 2 days and made like 800k, after that every time I tried to bot clay again I got banned in like 2hours. Tried to fish, got banned in 4-5hours. Tried to level up combat with AIO free scripts, got banned fast too. Tried killing cows = fast banned. Tried to WC = fast banned. Tried to powerlevel mining to get runite = banned. Now looks like I can't bot anything on f2p, I'm creating few scripts, but none was sucessfull yet, so I will try to gather money playing legit to buy a bond and try p2p botting. PS: sorry about my horrible english, it's not my native language!
  9. f2p or p2p, Bassie?
  10. Awesome script, thanks a lot!
  11. This is by far the most amazing script I ever used. Congratulations!
  12. Hello community, I'm new here. I read that free acc can only use bot 2h every 3 days, so if I'm gonna be a scripter I need to buy vip? (because it's impossible to test stuffs I do with only 2h each 3 days). Thanks a lot!