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  1. Script is broken, will not download UI really disappointed. Please refund me.
  2. Operating System: Windows 10 Home Java Version: Latest, updated before going to forums Issue I'm Having: After script start, in game character just stands in place and does nothing. What Script I'm trying to use: Extended Vip trying to use WarriorGuildDefender
  3. If this script paid you for how much you HAD to babysit it I would be a rich man. So far it seems like the "hop if crashed" function is an exp ruiner. Depending on how fresh your client is it will get stuck when going down ladder on ape atol, gets stuck at the Al Kharid glider, and when keeping ring of dueling in inventory be prepared to die. So this makes it to where you cant use an archers ring or ring of life. Wish there was a flawless chinning script. I would pay $50 for a one month auth if that were the case. Edit: Also be prepared to piss people off if you decide to use the re aggravate option when running east it runs too far.
  4. When dying as of yesterday the script walks into Lumb castle and stays there, also miss clicks on polls a lot.
  5. Not very satisfied, or it could just be my lack of knowledge. Whilst using East Crabs cannoning the script will not pick up the cannon to make it not decay. Do you happen to know why? Thank you!
  6. When dropping willow logs at Remmington the bot will click on the log and try to use it on nothing so it will sit there for hours without doing anything. Not the happiest after spending $10 on a lifetime of this if thats what im in for?
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