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  1. Will the script ever support Mac OS, without having to get a VM on it?
  2. So i just got the trial, and the script just keeps banking my rock cake? Overloads only take me to 27 hp, and it drinks absorbs..
  3. With a 30m stack i was getting 300-400k on the highest and it dropped.. Now im at at 60m stack from profits and it's only raising
  4. Even more testing, just made a new list. Definetly hoping this is the avg i can keep pulling in 21 hour proggie, will try to look through the log and see what has to be changed. Defo not a bad result With only a 50k decline over 10 hours.
  5. Definetly loving this script! Depending on the day i average 1.2m down to 500k per hour after testing with different lists. Big vouch!
  6. Just used my 3 hours trial, this script got me from 45-55 thieving. Definetly buying it!
  7. Does this script support gold ores, with gold gauntlets switching to ice gloves for the fast xp?
  8. Really loving this script, gotten 2 accounts from 9-90 hunter and still going strong!! Only thing that might could be adjusted is the sleeping times, since i've seen it go up to 30 seconds But besides that it's perfect!:
  9. @Leespiker Script is working really good, it just has one flaw. When it world hops, i normally use high risk world as there are no players there. But when it switches back, its stuck at the world hop, asking if i wanna do high risk world. Is it possible to make it work so it doesn't have any problems there?
  10. Couldn't really read the info in the Barbarian Fishing part, but does the script support cutting/gutting for the cooking xp aswell?
  11. Does this script have any kind of support for lvl 3 skillers?
  12. @Leespiker When you mention in Features this "Unnotes food fast at general store" And it doesn't, aren't you lying about the features then?
  13. I have recently jumped over to Astrals after doing natures for a long time. One problem i have ran into numerous times is the fact that when it is banking, it stands at the 3rd booth where you can't access the bank. It then gets stuck there for some time. Any ways to solve this?
  14. Im having problems with the script running to Market trader to sell noted monkfish, but when it trades the cursor follows the trader, and just wants to keep trading him. Also tried it with tuna and the problem was the same..