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  1. Thats awesome and impressive! Ive gotten multiple 99's on different accounts. But I like to keep my home ip clean so I can be assured there's no chain bannes that reach my main. Ive got a separate ip for every bot. Usually ive got about 8 running all the time. btw be carefull with ur main man
  2. I had a zulrah slayer but it got banned few days ago. Dint expect it to last very long because its one of the most monitored goldfarming there is. Im talking about a few basic accounts that all got banned while i feel like im checking all the boxes...
  3. Hi guys, Ive been botting osrs since the day of release and ive successfully botted a max combat main, max combat pure and several other accounts in the past through powerbot and tribot. After being away for a little while I wanted to create some accounts for barrows runs but before ive reached all the requirements, the accounts get banned. I can figure out for the life of me what im doing wrong. Im following all the best practices like ive always done. I know botting is always risky but 4 accounts banned within 1 month is a bit much. One account I've trained by hand for 2 weeks before starting to bot on it and it still got banned after making it members and starting to bot magic and agility. Here are some of my practices: - different proxy on every account, proxies bought at proxyfish, usually I use Montreal but his are always sold out, but it couldn't be 4 flagged ip's right? - bot no more than 4 hours a day with breaks, agility even less - using looking glass with osbuddy - bot in my normal time zone - only use premium scripts The stats for a barrows account shouldn't be hard to achieve and ive botted almost every skill in game on my main. But I just cant make these accounts anymore without getting banned within a few weeks. Do u guys get the same results or could you point me in the right direction. Im at a loss here any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  4. Hi everyone using this script. How do u guys get the most out of the barrows accounts? Suicide or just a couple of hours a day? And if so, how many hours and breaks? cheers
  5. I think the webwalker is broken. Logs me out after dying.
  6. Cheers pal. Not looking to buy a big amount atm. Hope ull be back soon, your proxies were always clean and cheap =]
  7. Love this script. Made a max combat account with this back in 2017. I would just like one addition, could you please make it move the mouse out of the screen when its idle? Nobody keeps their mouse on the rs screen for 7 hours. Cheers pal.
  8. @Montreal are you still selling these? Visited the sites on numerous days but its always out of stock =z
  9. Hi @Worthy Absolutely amazing script. Ive just been testing the trial. Ive only got one issue. During Jad phase the bot will click on the invent tab every time between alternating prayers. I died multiple times during this even with plenty of combo food my invent. I dont really understand why its doing that. Maybe it tries to eat but isnt fast enough? If I can get this sorted, I will purchase. Thx =] EDIT: Enabling the "only use f-keys" option seems to have fixed my issue. Amazing stuff uve got yourself a customer sir. EDIT2: Sorry for the edits lol. Ive got one issue. When using someones house and orante pool. It wont drink from the closest pool. It uses the minimap and run to the pool further away. Looks very suspicious to ppl training prayer. Tested it in 3 different houses with multiple pools.
  10. Little of topic here @Netami so I hope you dont mind. Otherwise feel free to move/delete this post. Im currently in the process of making 2 accounts to use with this script with the recommended stats stated before in the older version: Recommendations: 75+ magic (for Trident) 60+ ranged 50+ defence 43+ prayer 70+ melees if meleeing KC Priest in Peril quest (required for Barrows teletabs) I was wondering how many hours you guys spend creating such an account from tut island to finish. Because i feel im still spend a lot of time on manual work to get these accounts ready. Sorry wouldn't normally post this here but feel like almost everyone here uses the same kind of account for this script so very curious if im the odd one out. Cheers
  11. Aah cheers for the explanation. Not tech savvy, just know how to use it including proxies and the whole lot. picking up Java this week to practice writing my own scripts lol. Yeh true about the ban rates. Ive botted a main and a pure to max combat but also got very unlucky sometimes with other accounts. Never know what Jagex has up their sleeve.
  12. Haha ok cool. Wont Jagex be able to know what cursor everyone's using or is that just a bit much lol. Also this script has been around for quite some time from what ive seen, how are the ban rates? Anyways cheers alot for publishing this for free pal!.
  13. Seems to work great thank you mate. Just one question. Why does the cursor turn into a staff of fire? lol
  14. Absolutelly awesome man. Was this on multiple accounts? Did you ever get banned? And did you make/bot this account only to bot barrows? Looking to set up myself. ?
  15. Hi my dudes, Ive found a website from the University of Finland that offers a free Java crouse. Dont know if this has been posted before, couldnt find anything in a quick search but I think it looks great. Lets you do exercises per category over a period of six weeks for the beginners part and automatically checks what you've written to give feedback. Question for ppl that are good at coding Java, is this a nice way to learn? Anyway, thought I would share: http://moocfi.github.io/courses/2013/programming-part-1/ Cheers my fellow aspiring coding noobs, IDKFA
  16. Good to know man. Ill check out the discord.
  17. Cheers pal! Thats really helpful. Time to get started =]
  18. Thank! @montreal176 This looks like a great way to start for a noob like me. Love that its interactive. Like Albino Child asked, do you have any idea how many hours it would to from total beginner to pro?
  19. Hello my knowledgeable friends, Ive botted about 3 accounts to max combat and ran small gold farms but lately I really interested in learning how to script myself so I can give back to the awesome community and start goldfarming on a professional level. That being said ive got some questions.Little background check, im a total noob when in comes to programming languages. - ive read that learning Java is a must. But what I don't understand is do I need to learn everything about java or just parts that are relevant to scripting for Tribot. Do I have to take a course or to do a deep dive like enlisting in an education or is learning Java just for Tribot enough? - If a book is preferable, do you have any recognmendations? - after being proficiant in Java ive read I still need to learn how to script for Tribot specifically. Is this a long process? - I know this is a difficult question to answer but how long do you guys recon this process will take in hours learning Java and scripting for Tribot? Ive got about 2/3 hours to spare a day and about 5/7 on weekends - Also is there a discord with like minded people out there looking to learn java/tribot and also one for goldfarmer (not gonna ask for methods lol) Sorry for the long and nooby questions. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. Any constructive comments are greatly appriciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  20. Would like to buy. Has there ever been a ban reported?
  21. Yeah I didnt want to post a question that was already asked so googled first =] I wish I was high but im just a noob when it comes to how this works. I thought it just interacts with RSbuddy as im using LG but because RSbuddy doesnt have a proxy option in the client its on your own IP? Im confused.
  22. Hi guys, Can someone please explain this to me? I thought looking glass just mirrors the screen of the RSbuddy client so you would have to use a program like proxify to run RSbuddy on the same proxy as Tribot. If this isnt the case, that would be great because I always think those programs are a hassle. But I need to be absolutely sure because I would light my house on fire if my IP gets compromised.
  23. I have but doesnt work =z anyway ive switched to Runelite and it works =] thx for replying
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