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  1. Nice post. But isnt it just a lot cheaper/easier to get a gps?
  2. Hi my dudes, Ive found a website from the University of Finland that offers a free Java crouse. Dont know if this has been posted before, couldnt find anything in a quick search but I think it looks great. Lets you do exercises per category over a period of six weeks for the beginners part and automatically checks what you've written to give feedback. Question for ppl that are good at coding Java, is this a nice way to learn? Anyway, thought I would share: http://moocfi.github.io/courses/2013/programming-part-1/ Cheers my fellow aspiring coding noobs, IDKFA
  3. Good to know man. Ill check out the discord.
  4. Cheers pal! Thats really helpful. Time to get started =]
  5. Thank! @montreal176 This looks like a great way to start for a noob like me. Love that its interactive. Like Albino Child asked, do you have any idea how many hours it would to from total beginner to pro?
  6. Hello my knowledgeable friends, Ive botted about 3 accounts to max combat and ran small gold farms but lately I really interested in learning how to script myself so I can give back to the awesome community and start goldfarming on a professional level. That being said ive got some questions.Little background check, im a total noob when in comes to programming languages. - ive read that learning Java is a must. But what I don't understand is do I need to learn everything about java or just parts that are relevant to scripting for Tribot. Do I have to take a course or to do a deep dive like enlisting in an education or is learning Java just for Tribot enough? - If a book is preferable, do you have any recognmendations? - after being proficiant in Java ive read I still need to learn how to script for Tribot specifically. Is this a long process? - I know this is a difficult question to answer but how long do you guys recon this process will take in hours learning Java and scripting for Tribot? Ive got about 2/3 hours to spare a day and about 5/7 on weekends - Also is there a discord with like minded people out there looking to learn java/tribot and also one for goldfarmer (not gonna ask for methods lol) Sorry for the long and nooby questions. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. Any constructive comments are greatly appriciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  7. Would like to buy. Has there ever been a ban reported?
  8. Yeah I didnt want to post a question that was already asked so googled first =] I wish I was high but im just a noob when it comes to how this works. I thought it just interacts with RSbuddy as im using LG but because RSbuddy doesnt have a proxy option in the client its on your own IP? Im confused.
  9. Hi guys, Can someone please explain this to me? I thought looking glass just mirrors the screen of the RSbuddy client so you would have to use a program like proxify to run RSbuddy on the same proxy as Tribot. If this isnt the case, that would be great because I always think those programs are a hassle. But I need to be absolutely sure because I would light my house on fire if my IP gets compromised.
  10. I have but doesnt work =z anyway ive switched to Runelite and it works =] thx for replying
  11. I see this is an old thread but has anyone found a solution for this?
  12. Hi Guys, Ive been away for a while but im setting Tribot up again =] Ive always used looking glass but this bug is new for me(maybe im just doing something wrong). LG hooks into osbuddy and it looks fine, but somehow i cant interact. Doesnt matter where i click, it doesnt register. I dont have user input disabled. Plz help
  13. Just ran it again. Restarted the client to be sure, fixed mode anabled, still spams the inventory button. Weird. Must be something on my side. Just cant figure out what. EDIT: running through LG btw.
  14. Interested in this as well. Need 90 herblore on my main for raids. Going to clean herbs all the way because I dont want to spend 30m+. Anyone done this or has any idea for how long you should run this at a time as it is pretty click intensive. @xCode EDIT: cleaning avantoe's is broken. Withdraws from bank and then just spam clicks the inventory button.
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