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  1. @Montreal If I renew a proxy that has, lets say, 7 days left on it, will those 7 days be added to the 30 days renewal?
  2. Absolutely loving the script! Only thing I dont understands is that stun alching is supposed to get about 190k xp an hour. Unfortunately(but still awesome) im maxing at about 145k xp an hour whithout break handler. Is there something im doing wrong? Clicks cant seems to be faster without risking ban so dont know why the xp rate differ so much from the guides. Shame this thread is slow because this script is flawless for me.
  3. Oke great thanks. Want to get a fire cape but heard thats not easy =/ Will get that berserker ring(i) but can i swap out the monk robes and holy blessing for something better or would that be the best setup?
  4. Hello fellow NMZ grinders, Im here to ask you for some advice on what gear to use in NMZ for the best STR/ATK bonus. Im a 1 def pure using the rock cake method with overdose/absorption. Current gear: - Bearhead - Fury - Bandos Cloak - Holy blessing - Sara sword - Monk robes - Mith gloves - Climbing boots - Warrior ring (i) Looks like more a prayer bonus setup and from what ive learned I dont really need prayer bonus using this method(dont know for sure if this is true) So to max xp/hr im asking for your opinion what the best possible gear would be. Currently 90 STR and getting 99. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated =]
  5. Went from 80-94 magic stun alching averaging about 130k HR with this so thx great stuff. Would be awesome if you would add ABC2 though =] If you add it I might take this all the way up to 99 XD
  6. Why wouldnt I be able to bot chinning? there seems to be a working premium script:
  7. Oke thanks and how much would the time difference be to get from 75-99 between the two methods?
  8. @TRiLeZ Hi would like to lean how to script for Tribot but im a complete noob. I know the osrs game well and im an experienced botter but have no knowledge of Java. How long would it take me to get up to the level to write premium ABC2 scripts? And where should I start?
  9. Used this script couple months ago to get to 40. Worked great then. Now it doesnt show GUI or Paint and keeps re-clicking on trees and swapping without reason. Needs updating. To bad because this was the only free script with ABC2
  10. Best free WC script out there since ABCL2 Progressive chopper stopped working
  11. Im thinking about using NMZ with blowpipe as well and have the same stats as when you started. Would you recommend this method from 70-99 with blowpipe and void over chinning? Also would really appreciate it if you would post your inventory and script setup =]
  12. Oh yeah ofc thx for the tip