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  1. Just ran it again. Restarted the client to be sure, fixed mode anabled, still spams the inventory button. Weird. Must be something on my side. Just cant figure out what. EDIT: running through LG btw.
  2. Interested in this as well. Need 90 herblore on my main for raids. Going to clean herbs all the way because I dont want to spend 30m+. Anyone done this or has any idea for how long you should run this at a time as it is pretty click intensive. @xCode EDIT: cleaning avantoe's is broken. Withdraws from bank and then just spam clicks the inventory button.
  3. He guys I need to get 90 herblore for raids =z planning to clean herbs all the way because I dont feel like spending 30m+. For how long should I run this script to be on the safe side? As it is pretty click intensive. Anyone familiar with the ban rate for this method? -edit: the cleaning herbs option doesnt work. Trying to clean guam's item id 199 but when it starts it just clicks the inventory button and does nothing. Cheers
  4. Thanks to @erickho123 Ive recently maxed combat my main it was a bit scary lol but it all worked out. Already maxed str and range on my pure earlier. Best en safest combat script out there hands down and great and helpful people active on the thread. Cheers.
  5. idkfa

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Noooo... made 2 accounts for barrows and now its a premium script =[
  6. If you had to take the absorbs yourself it wouldnt be much of a bot As for the armour and weapons, barrows gear degrades thats why you have to fill in the item id's of the different stages of degradation under the combat settings. If you want a quick start just copy everything in the pic ive posted above and just adjust the ratio of absorbs/overloads as you figure out the best ratio by babysitting or googling for your stats.
  7. np man glad to help out. If you check out my picture in the last post ull see that the "get potions from npc/barrel" option is switched on. This way you dont have to store anything in your bank. Dont use prayer when using the absorb/overload dh-ing method because ull need your prayer for the hp flicking to keep ur hp at 1. Also I wouldnt recommend using any of the spawns like zapper or power surges (top right of the pic) because it makes the script less afk, thus higher ban rate if botting 8 hours, but thats just my personal experience.
  8. This is what I used to achieve 99 melee through the dharoking, rock cake method. The absorbs and overloads need to be filled in the banking tab as well. If you are using the same method, just copy this but adjust the absorb/overload ratio as this is for a nearly maxed account. I can see that you're new so here are a few tips I used personally (not saying everyone would agree): - use looking glass - if uve got a main, use a proxy to bot the other accounts (I recommend @Montreal) - use break handler or like I did just set up the GUI to run 1 game and through teamviewer on my phone randomly set up the next game during the day) - do some actual playing once in a while on the account if you want it to last (questing, castle wars, barrows, bossing etc.) Good luck mate. If you have more questions just ask and may the ban hammer never strike you.
  9. Yes. If you want to take anything with you into the minigame ull have to specify the item id's and amounts under the "banking" tab.
  10. I love this script. Works flawless. Accidentally left it on for 10 hours straight without breaks a week ago. No ban lol. Just a little feedback I would like to give: - doesnt bury bones - would be nice if its progressive with gear since you use this on new accounts and have to switch a lot of bows/scims/armour every few minutes - mouse pointer is never leaves screen so doesnt seem very afk.
  11. Ah oke thx for the explanation. Still a nice addition to the free section =]
  12. Thx for the free script. It doesnt seem to be progressive though. I have my axe's bronze till rune in my inventory but it doesnt use the best one when leveling up.
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