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  1. Started at 80 when stun/alch was accasible. Botted about 6-8 hours a day with break handler (very intensive clicking so need that imo) and used Proxy+LG (keep in mind the time zone you're in when using a proxy. Hope that helps.
  2. Well the main thing is you have to look like a legit player. So im botting 8-10 hours a day max and take some days off. In the days off Im questing which make your account look more legit and is something you often have to do depending on the type of account you're building. When It comes to break handler just use common sense. NMZ is seen as a relatively AFK training method so I dont use break handler for that. But no one would Stun/Alch for 8 hours straight without a break so breaks will be necessary there imo. For security reasons I only use premium scripts that are supported and have a minimum of ABCL10 or higher. Also imo proxies and LG are a MUST now a days to minimize the risk of getting banned. Its only a small fee and will save you a lot of time in the long run. If you're looking for a good proxy provider I would suggest using @Montreal ive been using his proxies and after months still havent received a ban. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask and good luck
  3. Good to hear the shop has been re-stocked. Hope you're in good health irl. Anyway ive been using your service for quite a while now and I have 2 suggestions that would make your service even more awesome: - make renewals instant just as buying a new proxy - Have a portal to see when your proxy's will expire (no bans ons the current proxies for months so clean proxies, so would like to keep those but dont always know when to renew) Starting a bot farm soon so those two features would make my life a lot easier =] Cheers, IDKFA
  4. thats a very broad question. Can you specify a little more. Like ours botted, using proxies or LG, playing legit in between? If I have to write down my whole "regimen" I might as well right a guide =p
  5. Hey guys ive just achieved 99 str with this script so absolutely loving it. Anyway, now im going for 99 range. How many NMZ points do you guys think I should build up before running this for 8 hours a day? Im using the rock cake method (prayer pots now to build up the points). And have full void, toxic blowpipe, archer ring, snake skin boots, fury and ava's. Also is it worth buying mith darts instead of steel? Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Zammy monk in varrock is not the place you want to go anyway. To many bot hunters. I would recommend the grizzly bear a little bit north. Reached 99 there from stun alching without anyone even walking by. Anyway, make sure you have the capital letter right of the monster because the script will shut down as soon as you make one little spelling error. Good luck to you sir.
  7. @gbaelement7 just wanted to give a massive shout out to this script and developer. Took me to 99 magic and always ran smooth. As a said before, too bad this thread is not getting the attention it deserves. Thanks bro!
  8. Lol so dumb sorry had a few drinks when I wrote this. Mixed up my range tank and my pure. But anyway. Looking to get 99 range on both accounts using this script and blowpipe but no idea how to set it up for max xp gain. =/
  9. Next step is getting 99 range on this pure. I would go chinning but the current scripts are garbage so would like to use this script with toxic blowpipe. im at 78 range, full void, 43 prayer, 1 def pure. Is there anyone using this method and wiling to supply me with a screenshot of their setup or some general tips? Would be awesome
  10. Mate, ive just achieved 70 to 99 str by using your script. FLAWLESS script so my hat is of to you sir. @erickho123
  11. Good to be back
  12. @daxmagex Hi mate sorry for the noob questions but im about to start my first gold farm and have a few questions concerning your script: - you advertise the elite version to be for gold farmers because it enables the use of leechers and skips the requirements but i cant seem to find what leechers are anywhere and would this increase ban rate? - would it be more profitable to run 24/7 until the dreaded ban hammer slams, having to invest in new membership or bot for about 10 hours with breakhandler to keep your accounts safer? - Would you advise to use the blast furnace world or search for one with enough people to run it? Looking to test this script out with 4 accounts running on vps, proxies and LG. If its profitable enough ill build up gradually to about 25 bots so ill be a regular customer of yours =] Cheers, IDKFA
  13. Absolutely amazing. Congratz on the achievement! Im on the same road as the one you just completed, using this script. Seeing you achieved your goals would you help me out answering some questions: - How many hours did you bot a day? - did you use breaks and if so how did you set those up? - did you do other stuff in between the botting like questing? - do you prefer rock cake method over prayer pots?
  14. He guys. Been using this with rock cake method on my pure and going great. Now I want to start training range on my tank with toxic blowpipe. Should I use rock cake method with flick rapid heal or is there a better method? Heres the stats: 60 def 78 range 73 hp 44 pray Thanks for any reactions =]