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  1. no legs no sex...
  2. funny u need to count calories even if u bulk or ur gonna gain more fat than muscle
  3. Its not even a diet ...
  4. I drink milk come at me
  5. Rather doing olympic weight lifting excerises
  6. Weight lifting doesnt stunt growth it actually help you get a higher bone density im 6'9 and lifted in my teens all basketballers lifting weights
  7. paypal chargebackers... iwouldnt accept paypal black tux
  8. scripts gone?
  9. i love this forums
  10. botting nowadays isnt safe anymore i got banned for any script thats on the repository play legit all i can say. I know its a botting website wouldnt recommend
  11. It got some masks 5 of each barrow items 12m cash stake and some runes total like 23m...
  12. 1 account has only -500 j coins has good stats nvm if u don't want it I toss it lol
  13. Yeah man also was the reason giving away idc about run escape lol