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  1. ive just purchased VIP and im just checking is it just a one off payment? i dont want it to be recurring so just checking. thanks.
  2. can my issue get sorted out then please? can i get the 4 credits put onto my account or be given some sort of compensation/solution? it does not state what browser is compatible and there is no warning anywhere not to use internet explorer.
  3. update. ive just tried it on google chrome and its worked. However i still have the issue of my other 4 credits not being there which needs sorting out
  4. this is the thing, i would've tried that but my other 4 credits have done a runner. I don't wanna fiddle with the remaining credit. im using internet explorer (don't hate lol)
  5. i haven't claimed. ive just disputed. that just means i get various options to communicate with the seller. the seller or tribot owner will get notified of my issue. hopefully something can get done.
  6. so i just purchased 5 credits ($5) so i could try out the VIP trial. Once the 5 credits came into my account and it clearly showed i had them, i then went on to click purchase on the VIP trial. It then said i had insufficient funds even though i had 5 credits. So, i refreshed the page a few times and kept trying to purchase it. I was met with the same error message everytime. I then went on to see my account only had 1 credit and 4 credits had disappeared? Where did my 4 other credits go? im really annoyed at this as i needed the VIP access and wanted to try it out. Plus im now $5 down for no reason which is a considerable amount of money for me. Ive emailed the support but got no repl. really not happy. what should i do UPDATE: just tried it on google chrome with the remaining 1 credit and its worked. However i am still missing the other $4 worth of credits which needs sorting.