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  1. Im looking to purchase this script, is there an optimum build to maximise win rate?
  2. I have seen the term 'looking glass' used a lot in some posts. I have just returned to tribot after ages so I was wondering if anyone could explain what this mode is, do I need to re download anything? thanks
  3. nighto90

    Buying 30m

    Buying 30m osrs $1.20 per mil You go first Skype if intrested:bozzaplays
  4. nighto90

    Odds staking

    I would like to use a staking script. However to use this effectively you will needs to have odds on the opponents, does anyone know how I would go about doing this? Anyone got a good staker build where they have odds on most of there opponents?
  5. nighto90

    Zulrah gear

    I am looking to start botting Zulrah and have never done it before. Stats: 99 def 99 hp 91 magic 80 range what is the best gear I can use? Note: I have void available. Any help will be appreciated
  6. Im very tempted to buy this scrip and use my main. Can anyone tell me what sort of money I will be making with 99 def, 99 hp, 93 magic and 80 range? Also is void the best gear to use? ALso can anyone tell me how many hours they bot this a day and remain safe, I know it will vary on luck but id like to know anyway
  7. I am starting a small bot farm and i was wondering what is the best method for botting. I have seen a few posts about this and im still very curious to what people think is the best. Can anyone help me out and tell me what method to use and why you think its the best method. Thanks
  8. I am currently training tree accounts for a gold farming method. I am for 60 hp 60 defence and 50 agility/50 mining/50 woodcutting or all of them. I am wondering if i should do all of this legit. Will this lessen the chances of being banned when it comes to botting itself. Any feedback is appreciated. The accounts are all over 2 months old.
  9. Thanks a lot for this info mate, and its just a one off not looking to start a business off it just wanna unload some that i have. Thanks again very helpful
  10. I have a few questions regarding repo credits: How many can i sell? If i want to sell more how do i go about doing this? How much are they worth? Does anyone wanna buy some?
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