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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to TRiBOT, and I've gotten into the extended VIP subscription. I can't help but notice the sluggishness for all scripts, it's really driving me crazy. I do see a TRiBOT sleep modifier in settings that's statically set to 1.0, why can't this be changed? If you're unclear on what I mean by sluggishness, here's an example: Running Dax AIO fighter, mouse speed set to max, preemptive targeting set w/ accurate max hit and minimum delay. And I'll finish my target and the thing will misclick the ogres walking in circles several times spanning a 5-6 second window where I'm just right clicking in circles yet failing to click 'Attack Ogre'. Really frustrating, if I'm just being stupid and I missed something obvious, please let me know, but of course, all those above mentioned symptoms to my eyes would clearly relate to the 1 second sleep modifier where I assume the bot sleeps before carrying out the next command. Thanks!