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      TRiBot Downtime   02/26/2017

      Due to the Runescape update on February 23, all bots are down until TRiBot can be patched manually.
      TRiBot's auto-updater usually handles updates automatically, but some updates require this to be done by hand.
      Since the day of the update, Lead Developer TRiLeZ has been working on getting the patch finished as soon as possible.

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      A new thread/announcement will be created once the patch is finished.


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  1. Please fix
  2. Just thinking it would be great to add to be able to set proxies at your script que. Then you can make it use one account for 4 hours and next in que is another account using another ip logging in and play for 4 hours and then continue like that. If the script dont have GUI or can just load saved configs at start ofc. ATM I just use script que if I want to go to bed and want to have it on some hours but not the full night. Would be really nice to advance it to make it easier to manage bots. Dear // janne
  3. So I was thinking of using some agility script to lower the banrate at my bots, However I read that its very high banrate at agility. Is that true? I was thinking maybe its because this script has so many users (3633). Maybe it just make my banrate go higher XD
  4. @daxmagex Would it be possible to add Orange salamanders? Would be awesome to be able to train at them, No need for water skin support. It can just tp away or loggout if it get out of waterskins and get low hp and I can manually fill it up with new waterkins.
  5. my theory: The lagg mess up with the bots and make them see its a bot.
  6. Also sometimes it can be locked if the account is old and you jump to a close IP, if they see any macro activity. Have happen to me when I used 07 tutorial island bot at old RS3 accounts.
  7. Varrock works fine for me but Draynor dont work at the last click, it do not find where to jump down. If your still active I think it's an easy fix
  8. Hmm, I was thinking it was because of the new year. The account I wanted to get back was still banned
  9. hihi, the thing with buying things and alch them wont do any difference if they have a tracking system neither the staking or drop trade.
  10. I have never had the account who traded them banned either. Just that I was thinking that maybe the banrate is higher if they can see a connection between all 10 accounts. Like that they all traded same player.
  11. Hello! I just want to ask how you guys do it? Example, If I want to give 10 accounts money for bond and like 1m each. Do you trade all the accounts from one other account? Or do you trade between bot accounts? Or do you trade with an account you have not used any bot at? How detailed do you think Jagex flag when it comes to trading? Will they find connection between the 10 accounts if the same player traded them all? Interested in everything you have to say about this Dear // Janne
  12. When doing black chins its stuck at changing world all the time even when there is no player there. I'm using LG is that why?
  13. I'm running air runes and my slaves get stuck at bank. They pickout the new rune ess from bank and then just stand still and do not close bankwindow. At fire now It work fine!
  14. Having problem with the master/slave function at trial. First of all I have to test it to play one of the role manually cus it sas I reached limit if start both. The slave sas he is out of ess if it cant windraw 28, while the master is trading him 26 at a time. Maybe fix so it can run with 26 ess aswell?