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  1. I'm running air runes and my slaves get stuck at bank. They pickout the new rune ess from bank and then just stand still and do not close bankwindow. At fire now It work fine!
  2. Having problem with the master/slave function at trial. First of all I have to test it to play one of the role manually cus it sas I reached limit if start both. The slave sas he is out of ess if it cant windraw 28, while the master is trading him 26 at a time. Maybe fix so it can run with 26 ess aswell?
  3. Just waiting for the ban on a account I'm running it's at 35h+ straight. Because I think there will be banwave incoming tomorrow, delayed bans from today and now. After the banwave I can start my new accounts Note this is just me guessing based on how the waves have been before XD
  4. I have some problems now, sometimes it's at stuck at changing worlds screen at loginpage. (I use no breaks, dont know how/why it logout in first place).
  5. It puts the empty vials in the lootingbag. Can you update it?
  6. Can you make it create the accounts at different proxies?
  7. Try the trial, but it's not for ranged.
  8. Yeeh, it's kinda hard. You need to be good to be able to pay of the script. I'm working on it still I have gotten 40m out of this script that I kept as it is now. Bonds, whips and to run the script cost money and it take some time to know whats needed to make your shit running good and how to be train all accounts while killing dragons. So I need another 10m to be able to pay this script and got 2 weeks, I think I will be fine. With proxies and tribot monthly cost I think I will be +|- 0 by doing this. I was not well prepared when starting my farm, after each banwave I have had 4 days training new accounts and there was no accounts running the script those days. To people who wanna buy this and wanna get a nice profit before start. Have more accounts trained when you start. If you gonna bot with 10 accounts each day I'd recommend to start with 40 accounts and then train more account during time you break from this script. That means it will require many proxies. Good luck to you all! And fight hard against Jagex! * As deluu11 said, banwave was today and it came at about the same time as last banwave. Got my dragon accounts banned aswell. Got 8 more accounts ready soon tho, just wish next banwave will be in a week then I got some time to bot with the fresh accounts Dear // KillerJanne
  9. How to make it able to create the accounts with proxies? will it somehow config web browser? What I really would like to see is a fully automated bot to mid combat levels, selling what dropped and buying food to train.
  10. Take me about 3-4 days to make new accounts. Depends how much I have to do. I go 70-60-60 before starting. f2p accounts, dont have any bans when leveling. One of my GDK account has now survived 8 days of 8-14 hours botting a day. Would say that's amazing! <3
  11. Poisned and stuck at level 1 wildy near edgville. Was eating just standing there.
  12. @Usa can you make it work with the Option "Mouse buttons (currently 1)" (Then they will have hard time skulling it) Picture below: https://gyazo.com/a6cb215139e4feb3cb7274b7df0da76f
  13. I saw the guy who drops dragon platelegs. Hihi I got lucky and saw when he tried to skull me. So picked up the legs and ran. Got 500 k He told me that he have gotten 50m by killing us.
  14. I wanted to try the Slave and Master function in the trial but it sas I only can run one script of your script at a time.