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  1. Already christmas? I must have been sleeping for very long.
  2. [Beta]Jannes Witch's House

    version 0.5 is now out Happy botting!
  3. [Beta]Jannes Witch's House

    Hello! I'm releasing my Witch's House quest script. It's not fully tested yet but works great for me as it is now. Please make sure to babysit while running. And please write here if you get any errors It safespot after two first monsters and all my testing has been at level 3 accounts. Req: none; Items needed: 3 Cheese 1 Leather gloves 1 Staff of air 500 Mind runes 18 Trout You can start the quest everywhere Dax walker function. I recommend starting at Falador either with the items in bank or all of them in your inventory. Click here to try it now! :) Thanks to: Dax for his Webwalker and all the people helping me at tribots discord. EasyAsPie for helping me with packaging errors
  4. Just want you to know that I have a lot of problem with Dwarf Cannon. Stops at many places and dont talk with the guy who gave you the quest after each task he gives you. Also have problems with Doric's Quest it do not get any ores for the quest. Can you maybe just make it use ores at bank at start instead. Would be very easy to write. Waterfall however works great for me, One thing you can add is that when getting the black spider in agro you can instead hit the mice that usually are next to the door, level 3 players do not hit it very often. Would love to see energy potion support as well @Worthy
  5. Request a free script

    Selling yourself as GF in game for 200k.
  6. As I have to refill 2captcha with 10 USD I'm asking before testing myself.
  7. Hello! I'm looking for someone who can help me with some easy tasks. It can be all from doing tut-island to get a spade on each account. It's about 60 accounts who I need help managing. I will supply with proxies and instructions and gold if needed. I pay you with rsgold per project by calculating the hours it would be if doing it myself. Requirements: Patient and to not dislike to repeat things. Tribot vip extended and already know how to setup proxies. Send me a PM if interested with how much gold you want an hour. Dear // Janne
  8. [ P ] Plough

    Hello! I'm looking for an easy script and I don't have a need for it to be private, it can be public and free for everyone. I however donate 10USD to the one writing it. Description: Clicking the plough and waiting until it stops, click repair when broken. When at end of the track walk over to other side of the plough and repeat. Not much antiban needed, some randomness how long until it click the plough and move out mouse out of screen while sleep. Plough at Youtube Payment Amount: 10USDTime: ASAPAdditional: Nope.
  9. How many days your bot survive?

    There is one great way to survive, to bot 0 days.
  10. Headphone and mic suggestion

    I love my corsair headset http://www.corsair.com/en-us/void-wireless-dolby-7-1-gaming-headset
  11. Go here repository and activate the script you want to choose from in the client.
  12. Script for charging glory amulets

    I would make an anti-glory pk script if I saw many bots doing this
  13. Thanks for the guide! Need to test this as soon as I get my blue party hat.