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  1. killerjanne

    Unofficial TRiBot CLI

    Got it working good now, Thanks Found this video at youtube that helped me: Had a error before: I tried at my VPS but get: Please ensure you set your java.home property. Uninstall all java versions and restart This is my java version: java version "1.8.0_191" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_191-b12) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.191-b12, mixed mode) To start tribot normally works for me. but really need to get it going with a starter
  2. killerjanne

    [P] Account Checker l Basic

    Hey! Read this and edit your thread:
  3. killerjanne

    [P] Account unlocker.

    I got a scripter now writing it not in tribot without the login at runescape and get locked, Ill do that part myself by hand. He said he will be done in 2 days and I pay after tried it. So if anyone else at the forum need some help unlocking accounts I will be here
  4. killerjanne

    [P] Account unlocker.

    Whats making this script harder than account creating? Is it the confirming of mail?
  5. killerjanne

    [P] Account unlocker.

    Do you mean it would take you 2b to write it(1700 usd)?
  6. killerjanne

    [P] Account unlocker.

    However I guess a lot of more people have this problem and want the script makes the seller be able to sell it to more than just me
  7. killerjanne

    [P] Account unlocker.

    Request: Account unlocker. Description: You should be able to set your proxy. Load accounts to do from Accounts.txt Login to the runescape site and next what comes up is asking to set email at the account, register the email [email protected] and confirm email at mail. login at the runescape game and get locked status, usually take 2 to 5 minutes. go to runescape site lost password. Write login and go to mail and change password. write down the account in newAccounts.txt Now the account is unlocked Continue with next account in the Accounts.txt Payment Amount: 100mTime: to have it in 5 days would be nice Additional: to use 2captcha also have to be implemented.
  8. killerjanne

    Lagging when open map

    Thanks for the answers! I have a bot that by mistake click the map sometimes and when I close the map again it still lagg. But I guess what you explain above is the reason. Dear // Janne
  9. killerjanne

    Lagging when open map

    Hello! Just want to ask why the tribot client start to lagg when using map? Do it start to leak or something? Dear // Janne
  10. killerjanne

    Dax walker error after update

    Before I used WebWalker.walkTo(new RSTile(x, y, z)); But I thought it was now changed? Update: The old version of the script works
  11. killerjanne

    Dax walker error after update

    Hello! Updated dax walker and just trying to do DaxWalker.walkTo(myTile); But get following errors: https://gyazo.com/171d13c69c3e20dde72fe2562d8213f3 https://gyazo.com/cfd0937fb928260d409fd76eb35f9b18 I have red errors at imports that I do not know how to fix: https://gyazo.com/a4487f66d79c3210b89eff82c39a3302 Thanks for all help. Dear // Janne
  12. GE buyer. Write a list of items you want to buy and be able to save lists.
  13. killerjanne

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    Send me your home adress and I'll send you a letter once it work.
  14. killerjanne

    REFRAIN - Client is down - 8/23

    Yes, RIP my bots