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  1. just brought $15 proxies from proxy fish lastest for a month over botting keep getting caught within 10 hours of creation Here is your proxy in IP:Port format. The number before the : is the IP and the number after : is the port. We have also given to you the username and password to authorize to the proxy. Username: proxyfish151 - password: vblojhf4 (San Jose, CA - USA) (Los Angeles, CA - USA) (Phoenix, AZ - USA) (Phoenix, AZ - USA) (San Jose, CA - USA)
  2. just brought the script ive got 8 bots running as slaves and 1 as master for nature runes any way i can add more then 1 slave to the master script?
  3. hey man ive just brought proxyfish just wondering how it all works shouldnt the website provide me with info the "IP" or "port"?
  4. hey first time using proxies anyone recommend any proxies someone said "proxyfish" as one was about to buy it but the locations of the proxies does it have to be same country as your from? cuz im from aus and they dont have any proxies at Australia
  5. sweet fixed it thank you
  6. is there different types of java? lol ive just googled download java
  7. yeah man done it 4 times lol i can run other bot sites easy just tribot not working
  8. hey im getting this problem ived tired restarting comp / re downloading java and clicking on that link that checks ur java update everyone shares still cant fix it anyone got a solution to this?
  9. hey i was wondering is it possible to run 10x bots at once? and whats the best money making method for lvl 3 without skills
  10. hey i cant seem to open old school bots i get this message anyone help pls
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