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  1. do these scripts even work i cant get them to

    Well I am trying to use the lumpy chickens and the jm minner niether of them will move the miner script all it says is tryin to find location I can't get no scripts to work
  2. Bot doesn't do anything

    Can you tell us any scripts that work with 3 cause none of mine will work
  3. please can someone tell me what im ding wrong or do these not even work
  4. MjMiner - AIO Mining Script

    keeps tellin me trying to find mine where is the strting point
  5. Need Help with scripts

    i mean i hate eoc to but now u can put it on leagacy mode
  6. Need Help with scripts

    Ok man how come theres not many scripts out for 3?
  7. Need Help with scripts

    Could this be part of the problem if so how do I need to fix it
  8. Need Help with scripts

    None of my scripts will work it says it starting them and then nothing im trying to do the rs3 bots and i have tried all of them and nothing seems to work can someone please help me