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  1. Smithing mithril platebodies.
  2. After first trip script stops withdrawing bars from bank.
  3. This does actually happen. Currently there aren't properly working splashing script on Tribot. Auto-retaliate stops working after a while, so manual retaliate is needed.
  4. Bait

    daxCombat v2

    Really surprised how well this script handles splashing. Although it would be nice to see a splashing feature, which would decrease interaction to minimum.
  5. There'r actually dozens of outdated scripts still in repo. Each time we're asking for cleanup we are redirected to a submit outdated scripts here -topic. Cmon admins.
  6. I think there aren't any scripts which support them atm. @Mute @Tri Their scripts could support em'.
  7. Just a few things to say. - The way food is eaten could be more efficient. Every time you switch from brazier to roots and vise versa, script should eat. This way eating will not interrupt cutting nor burning so frequently. - Sometimes script is late from lightning the brazier at start. If I'm not fletching usually I won't reach 500 points in that round. In these scenarios it would be nice if the script would understand to fletch a few logs just to reach 500 points. Occasionally same happens if I get lots of damage and eating keeps interrupting the task. Nevertheless, quality script.
  8. @Mute Fails to renew aggression when using west sandcrabs. Stays in waking crabs -- renewing aggression loop endlessly. Tried deleting hooks.dat Edit: renewing aggression also fails at waterbirth north spot
  9. @warfront1 Hey, I'm having problems making diamond bolts. There's nothing unusual in debug. Script just won't start making them. Adamant bolts, id 9143 Diamond bolt tips, id 9192 Edit: Actually same thing happens with every item I'm trying to make. Tried deleting hooks.dat.
  10. Looting still isnt working as it should. I've set loot when over X amount and also manually written items to the list. Still script fails to pick up some items. Script doesn't always seem to recognize how many coins are dropped. Sometimes it leaves 10k stacks from kurasks on the ground, sometimes it starts picking up small stacks like 10gp. Some efficiency tweaks could also be on point. Would it be possible to prioritize some monsters? e.g I have a few superiors on my presets. Yet if I'm not babysitting, script mostly keeps on killing normal monsters instead of attacking the superior right away. Very botlike. Faster reflexes in some situations. If I'm in a singlecombat area wheres aggressive monsters, script tries to attack monsters you can't because you're already attacked by one. Very botlike. Script should more efficiently prioritize the nearest npc when attacking When killing npcs in multicombat areas, sometimes eating or sipping a potion interrupts your attacking and via autoretaliate my character starts attacking another npc, even if the one i've been killing has very low hp. Humans would finish the npc. Unless 100% afking (mouse offscreen) Very botlike. If killing npcs in catacombs, combining totem pieces automatically would be a nice feature Script always moves mouse offscreen via topside of the client. Imo this is very botlike. Nevertheless, best feature packed aio in tribot. Great job. @Tri
  11. @Tri Looting is actually a bit broken, when selected to loot above X it fails to do that after a while even though correctly saying it in debug When picking up coins; script picks up larger stacks (such as 10k) but then also starts to pick up smaller stacks like 15 coins Suggestions; Prioritize nearest monster. Fucks up many times if monsters are aggressive and script decides not to select nearest monster. When using cannon and settings such as teleport out when task is done, script doesn't pick up the cannon. It should? Also could superior slayer monsters be supported with exact names, no ID's required? If you're collecting ID's = Insatiable mutated Bloodveld 7398
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