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  1. I understand the risks to botting obviously, and I don't suicide bot. Breaks set regularly every 2-3 hrs for an hour and then a 5 hr break after 8 hrs have been played. After all this 10/10 Anti ban bullshit and safe botting, using private proxies, and proxy account creation, my accounts are still getting banned.. What am I doing wrong? Or is TRiBot detectable again? I'm leaning towards the latter.
  2. I'm currently botting miners right now, 8hrs on 4-5 hrs off. I can get yours done safely in a day or so. I'll take RSGP or PP
  3. I went to client and then new client and now the NPCs were recognized by that specific client. I guess it was just cause I was pressing the +tab option. Thank you guys for the info and help.
  4. Ahh okay. Well I have to load up a whole other Tribot client? Like open another .jar file?
  5. I have 4 tabs open, will it still be the same memory usage with 4 clients running 1 tab? I go to client and add client, but it just opens another tab?
  6. JJs and CombatAIO both do this. When I have multiple clients open, it seems like it doesn't know which client to scan for NPCs or something. It usually scans the first client that I open. But regardless, I have both scripts and I reached my maximum auth limit on JJs so I tried to use CombatAIO but it doesn't have a custom id field like JJs, so I can't instruct the script to fight any monsters. Any help or advice would be apperciated.
  7. Guess this is a dead script now..
  8. Agreed. It keeps getting stuck on the last arrow and it won't exit out of the target window. Stays like that until I can close the window, then it continues to work.
  9. Thanks I'll try it
  10. afdah.tv
  11. I got it correct, and yes I've deleted my old Java files
  12. My client keeps freezing when I run one or multiple bots. I tried increasing the heap size, but it still does it. Any advice would be appreciated. My computer isn't the issue because I have 12gb of ram and a i7 processer @ 2.50GHz