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  1. Script isn't highlighting items to equip when needed, im using ahrims and karils. Can anyone confirm this isn't just a problem of mine? Using the normal client.
  2. If you have money to spend on accounts, i would highly recommend @Worthy zulrah slayer. Even just running 1 account with the right stats you'll be making on average 1.5mhr-2.5m/hr. No need for many accounts.
  3. If i get a delayed ban it's usually a perm ban. Bot busting is usually a instant 2 day ban. The picture i posted had my total xp and a few other things in there that could of been tracked back to my account.
  4. I got bot busted surprisingly, but i believe that was because of a picture i posted here. If you do make sure every is blurred/blacked out lol. Funny enough i got bot busted while i was offline which leads to me believe it was from the picture. Im still running the script even though my account is probably being watched but i couldn't give a fuck at this point. Been 5 days since the bot busting ban and nothing has happened.
  5. Im just using a void setup usually getting 13-16 kills/hr. 16 if it manages to pull of 3 kills a run. Most of the time its only 2, i do have maxed stats for it though so i should gear up in something better than void i guess.
  6. Fuck me those proggies, those guys have extremely good luck.
  7. Script was running doing zulrah, it teleported to clan wars after defeating zulrah, then banked and restocked items in inventory, then was heading inside the portal to restore health/prayer points. Which it obviously didn't do. It happened to me twice today, the camera angle was facing the back of the portal and i'd have to enable user input and turn the camera myself so it would click on the front of the portal.
  8. http://imgur.com/a/hW2d7 Getting stuck at clan wars portal. Has script tracker in the picture also. @Worthy Edit: Should say it doesn't want to click on the back on the portal, not rotating the camera to face the front where it will only click it at.
  9. This happened to me allot last night also, mainly around the 1 hour mark. I thought it was a tribot issue so i didnt bother reporting it, i found it was happening to me whenever the client was minimized then you restored it back on screen. You'd get a white screen then eventually it would load the pictures and lag a ton causing your character to die. If you notice this happening the best thing i found was to leave it minimized because for some reason it doesn't seem to lag if you look at the script debug, and client debug it''s still running the script normally.
  10. http://imgur.com/a/t6MYj Seems to be going into this camera angle allot and getting stuck there for a little while, bring the kills/hr down allot. I also had the log out timer set at 13mins if the script wasnt active and it's logged out once so far in that position. Sometimes it will correct itself and manage to board the boat, however if your unlucky it will just stand there. Seems to be happy allot more than i thought, just that one angle when it needs to board the boat. It's not rotating the camera to see the boat to click on.
  11. Not a scripter but i would suggest you need randomised paths, mouse movements. In general making sure your not doing the same action over and over.
  12. Oreo Eater

    look glass

    Just hit 85 mining from 77 at motherlode mine. Was botting 7-8 hours a day, played legit on the account for a couple of hours a day, still no ban. I only bot throughout the day during my time zone, when i would bot overnight thats when id receive the most bans. But now im probably just going to give it a break for a couple of days and just mine runite legit.
  13. Was at 144 KC with the script. Just got my first fang using the script, making bank with it. Usually around 2m/hr . Use it for 5-7 hrs a day.
  14. Hey for some reason the bot was running to the west side when entering zulrah, i saw it happen once and die, then when it came back collected items it would do it again. First problem ive had in over 100 kills. But it pretty much suiciding running there dieing from poisen clouds. Stopped the bot and ran it again seems to be working fine for now. Maybe has something to do with the camera angle? EDIT: was running on normal client, not LG. Just happened again, im babysitting the bot right now.
  15. Oreo Eater

    look glass

    Well id usually get banned within a day just using the client. Almost at 85 mining(from 77) on one of my accounts so we'll soon find out if i get the ban hammer. Been using the client for the past three days. Using a motherlode mine script which is usually a high ban rate.
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