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  1. i guess ill have to file a dispute with paypal as i have messaged multiple admins with no response only response i got was by 1 admin and was told to post a topic here (I ALREADY HAD ONE HERE FOR A FEW DAYS AT THAT POINT) Iv never had any bad experiences with you guys but im not going to just give u a free $10...Iv done everything i can to get in contact with you guys about the situation with no co-operation
  2. Can someone please let me know i have messaged admins with no response. I dont like not knowing where my money is.
  3. Hello i purchased 10 credits about 24 hours ago via paypal and yet to receive them everything on my paypal end went through and the money has been taken. If someone could please let me assist me thanks.
  4. Glad to see this script has progresed sorry iv been inactive! Great job mute.
  5. [22:54:22] Script Started: Sigma Magic. [23:00:58] Less than 1 1673s are left. [23:00:58] Thank you for using Sigma Magic Premium. [23:01:05] Script Ended: Sigma Magic. Please help
  6. I just purchased and am trying to string jewelry with it. It literately runs for 2 minutes and ends script and logs out. help please .
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