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  1. ^this. i think you should remove the left lick on monsters. just let it auto-retaliate and veyr rarley click monsters. its kinda obvious whos botting when they left click every single monster they attack .... good script regardless. 1 lvl off 99 from this script. thanks man.
  2. Looking to buy 40 mil. paying around 2.60/2.70 a mil. will go first for highly trusted members. i prefer to use payapl and will send as gift to avoid chargeback or willing to use your preferred method of payment as long as its no sketchy. dont bother trying to get me to go first unless you're highly trusted. will use trusted and verified middleman. post your skype below.
  3. I haven't played RS in 5 months. I return yesterday only to realize I had just lost my premium scripts that I payed for. This isnt fair tribot. Please, somehow, someway, gimmie my scripts that I payed for back. All I care about is USA's $20 runeCrafting script. That is the only script i would like back. i payed good money for it. please Trilez or any mod, please help me.
  4. I haven't been able to play RS since July due to a heavy school workload ... I return yesterday to tribot for the first time in 5 MONTHS ... only to realize I lost all my premium scripts that i had purchased .... this isnt fair. I payed good money for those scripts and now i lost them due to inactivity? what happen to lifetime duration? i'm dumbfounded. i cant believe this just happened. all my money ... gone. shit policy.
  5. WOW. This is garbage. It says LIFETIME ACESS. Not quit for a few months, only to lose your $20 script because tribots pissed that you werent a member.
  6. i bought this script like 5 months ago and isnt letting me download it from repository. its asking me to purchase it again. us please help. i could show proof of purchase also. i just got backing into botting again and wanna use this script again.
  7. hey i used this script a while back in like august or something a got a ban at red chins within like an hour at chins. im wondering of the ban rate is still very high. im looking to red chin to 99. about 5-10 hours a day? any safe? i dont wanna get perma banned as i already got a 2 day from this script.
  8. are people getting mass banned? the price is at 300ea now. red chins rose cause of mass ban. are nats rising because of that to?
  9. is it any safer to bot here? i got banned using this last month for 2 days and wanna run this so bad but im so scared of a perma ban.
  10. using this till 61 mining. lets see how it goes. the mouse speed is a bit fast i must admit.
  11. could you possibly add a save option and load option in the gui? i hate entering everything in the gui over and over again.
  12. can anyone pleaseeee confirm the ban rate here? i've already got a 2 day ban and dont wanna risk a perma ban.
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