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  1. Hello there, I realize people don't do the rs3 scene or keep it private if they do but I am looking for someone who could code something for me, I don't mind paying depending on quoted price. Basically I am in constant combat and still get logged out in what used to be a decent AFK spot, so what I am looking for is something that idly randomly checks xp, rotates camera, you know the basic features of of an anti ban, but functioning fully in background while character simply AFKs
  2. I used to make £800 a month on old school back before it was oldschool had 12 bots running on an eight core server I hired. But getting back into it I just don't know anymore. The site I used to use got shut down after they killed reflection.
  3. Damn! well thank you all for your speedy support, I am not used to such an active community, and lucky for me I have windows 7 duel booted on this beast. Why do people prefer oldschool btw ?
  4. Hi there, I am running Ubuntu Linux, no problems there got the .jar to load fine. However the bot claims to be rs3 supporting and yet when I uncheck the oldskool box nothing loads. If I am being stupid then apologies.