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  1. would there be a possibility for members to give their own mouse data to use it on the bot client without the need for vip extended
  2. is there anyway to automate the mouse keys using microsoft it self no 3rd party programs?
  3. would tribot be less detectible if it loaded threw the osbuddy client, that already alters its load to get all the details etc for its widgetS?
  4. by assumption wouldn't it be wise to assume, jagex bot detection, detecting the botting client flagging your account being the start of where it gets banned? Instances of how a clint has its own mouse program but there would be two mouses on the client if the user input is not shut off, something i think would be a instant give away to any detection program, further prove by the way the scripts act. I say this because i have a friend who doesn't bot persay but he does use auto clickers, and recently started a mouse recorder, witch of a month and a half later his yet to be banned, and he runs these programs while on osbuddy, and people consider them to be easily detectable (forgot to mention he only uses a auto clicker to click to by pass the 20mins splashing forces stop) and the last 2 weeks his uses a mouse recorder to afk at bandits with it drinking pots he recorded him self doing and entire load twice apparently and mixes up when he uses that recording, but his also just started to use it to splash alch. but only about 3 days But with this in mind, wouldn't a 3rd party program that would record click locations on screen with random intervals so clicks are never in the same time be undetectable? the only thing that would give it away, would be say doing absolutly nothing but that, there would be no traces in the client so if you where flagged they'd have to make a 100% decision it was a macro, and even then, in instances like, alching, teleporting, bandits, undead monkey chinning/barraging, you do really move your screen you might check your stats, but with these tasks and random intivals my asumption is it would be ban proff, because there could be no way they could prove it was actually automated. unless it was 100% identical routines. I'm going to test my theory on a fresh account, and use a auto clicker to by pass the 20mins afking to see if it does get detected and banned.
  5. Wanting to buy 10m now via paypal. trusted sellers only. 12$
  6. dsstrker

    afk scripts.

    i think there's something with the client that makes when you use programs like mouse recorders it goes off and clicks the wrong things, i remember trying to do this for cursing.
  7. dsstrker

    afk scripts.

    should be pretty safe to use if actions are implemented it would come off as a legit player who's just doing other stuff while it afks, no designed to be left on over night while you slept but more while you where there watching to to restart it if needed (unless using guthans lol) ==Purpose: to drink pots while your character stands there taking aggro, from places like bandits or monkeys ==Pots: Pray potion - would sip potions randomly ((for example it will drink between 3 -30pray points (if you where 52 pray) taking 2 doeses if the pot isn't being wasted resulting in true afk behavior)) with the added ability to allow prayer to completely drain before re potting and activating it via quick prays. combat - range - mage - super anti poison - ==Methods: what the script would do to simulate true afk training. ==when starting it will mark what ever tile it is on and stay on it, with the allowance to move around 1 square around starting square for things like chinning to bunch them up.( would have to be careful that the tiles dont fall on anything bad) ==anti ban: -Screen rotation: screen rotation would occur at random with chances of it not occurring at all designed to activate within 10mins intervals once or twice no more. -stat checking: will check the stat chosen randomly. -player hovering: hovers over other players and right clicks ( only does this once or twice ) -curser location: keeps mouse curser off the screen majority of the time unless anti ban activates or repotting. ==Teleporting when done: will teleport when out of needed supplys (food/prayer potions only), it would then return to the bank open it and afk so you can re stock return and set it on its way again. This would mainly work, with bandits and chinning, though would be perfect for people who use guthans as well.
  8. 50m up front, 50m half complete, 100m completed it'll be botted 8-10hrs a day. you fund accs membership.

  9. the scripts iv tried..not all avaliable. no i wasn't expecting to get it in a day, i botted 8 hours over 2 days. i expected there to be a flawless script that wasn't going to bug out in stupid ways like it did considering it wasn't free
  10. I paid 18$ to become vip and use tri pc. Tri pc is so unstable and constantly gets confused got me a 48hr ban. Then all the other scripts seem very bot like.. banking fails on the 3 scripts iv used. And combat scripts dont position the target it view and looking and clicking threw walls to attack isn't human like very medicore bot like.
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