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  1. It just stops logging in randomly after some time. Is there a way to add a workaround if it's a client bug? It's made the script much less profitable for the past couple weeks. If not, is @TRiLeZ aware of the client issue that causes it?
  2. @erickho123been this way for like two weeks, any idea when you can fix the pause bug
  3. Any chance at making it so we can use it in script queues? So instantly load a file by name. Would make it really good for completing small functions in other scripts
  4. @TRiLeZ any timeframe as to when you'll have the worldhopper fixed? It's still broken, but some scripters like @erickho123 have managed to fix it in their scripts. Could they help speed up the process?
  5. Been this way for like a month now. @TRiLeZ
  6. Trynabot


    Annoying this isn't fixed. Pretty fundamental to a lot of scripts
  7. Trynabot


    Much appreciated when you get around to it, thanks.
  8. Trynabot


    Got looting bag?
  9. Someone that isn't obsessed with posting about Deluxe. A concept you're struggling with. A quick glance at your recent posts would probably be more than enough for a restraining order. Take it easy friend.
  10. Cringe generator. Ot: Thanks for the update.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/6an4SpP.gifv that maybe?
  12. The red banner and update posts are definitely much more helpful for us this time around compared to the last time we had a major update break the client. Hope Todd + Trilez stay on top of it like this for all future issues. To everyone crying, I get it, but other clients were hit hard too and we have an incomplete but still semi usable client right now at the very least. If it doesn't get fixed after a while then your complaints are justified, but the improvement in how they dealt with satisfying us is why a lot of us aren't going to side with the community this time around. Cry in like 2 days if nothing is done and every other client is up and running, for now relax and deal with the current client. Seizures come free of charge!
  13. God forbid someone gets called a silly goose :O! When Trilez fixes it, you may have to update the worlds too unless the auto updating is working since Jagex released tourney worlds
  14. Appreciate it but I don't think you can help me out much. No doubt others less fortunate may need it though. GL.
  15. You really have no qualifications to be asking for a cut of potential profits. O_O Especially if you make 1k/month @ 120 hours. That's under $10 for every active hour of work. O_O Should offer to do it free for a couple people and build some reputation.
  16. That's my point. This month for downtime ages ago. We'll probably see it around X-mas.
  17. We'll get our time refunded as a Christmas present maybe.
  18. For something like this 1 single person could shut your script down the whole night, and as soon as it's known you're a bot the manual farmers will just shut you down. You'd be reported and camped so you're permanently penalized before you even get your first tier 10 probably. The BH mechanics are the biggest issue w/this being done not because of the script writing aspect but the fact that player interaction ruins it.
  19. Trynabot

    Bit coin mining

    Pretty sure btc mining is gpu intensive whereas goldfarming isnt
  20. Can add VPS services to that statement too, basically.
  21. Thanks. Hope your motivation is back.
  22. Trynabot

    raid items

    There's different demands at different price levels. So when the price goes down in our current instance it's because supply exceeds demand and the only way for an item to be sold in this scenario and for the market to see equilibrium, the price must go down to a justifiable level. So demand never "increased" price just lowered.
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