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  1. Facing the same issue.
  2. You guys are hyping up the upcoming announcement, I hope it's good!
  3. 21 21 21
  4. Yeah it's probably the latter in both our cases. It gives me the message before the first account is even created so it's not possible that it's actually blocking me. Can someone give me their argument for no tutorial no quest, yes socks proxy but no pass/username on it? Obviously leave out the actual details, but it'd help me see where I messed up. Greatly appreciated if so.
  5. @usa thank you. I'll test it next weekend maybe. Shame I missed the weekend feast but I appreciate the quick update as usual.
  6. Have you found any fix to this?
  7. Yeah I must've not sent it properly before, I resent it @Usa It's definitely a little bugged right now, it gets stuck outside the door but with a manual click it'll wake back up and start running to the pit.
  8. @Usa after 2 restarts it still does the same thing until it dies to an ent/unicorn. Sometimes it'll run to dragons but maybe 1/5 it'll get stuck. I pmed you a gif
  9. @Usa it still gets stuck games necklace teleing every so often. Is the update not pushed yet or does it still need some tuning
  10. @Usa It's not running to dragons currently. Can you apply a quick fix?
  11. Alright it's working atm without a proxy. Thanks
  12. And if "rswords" is at 0 after multiple restarts what should we do? Also if we run it without a proxy does the account get created on our IP or on the 2captcha IP
  13. When it gets to proxy it's socks:true; right? Would it work with a non socks proxy?