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  1. @erickho123new update rearranged the welcome login message so now it clicks the wrong spot when it tries to press "click here to play"
  2. https://i.imgur.com/3yfscHF.mp4 It's this same one and it still persists on the dev client I last ran. In addition the "no reply form login servers" gets in the way too now.
  3. I think the world hopper issue persists still, only instead of mass clicking cancel now it just hovers on the login screen.
  4. Is worldhopping via the login menu, where it can't find the world it's looking for a Tribot issue or script issue?
  5. It just stops logging in randomly after some time. Is there a way to add a workaround if it's a client bug? It's made the script much less profitable for the past couple weeks. If not, is @TRiLeZ aware of the client issue that causes it?
  6. @erickho123been this way for like two weeks, any idea when you can fix the pause bug
  7. Any chance at making it so we can use it in script queues? So instantly load a file by name. Would make it really good for completing small functions in other scripts
  8. @TRiLeZ any timeframe as to when you'll have the worldhopper fixed? It's still broken, but some scripters like @erickho123 have managed to fix it in their scripts. Could they help speed up the process?
  9. Been this way for like a month now. @TRiLeZ
  10. Trynabot


    Annoying this isn't fixed. Pretty fundamental to a lot of scripts
  11. Trynabot


    Much appreciated when you get around to it, thanks.
  12. Trynabot


    Got looting bag?
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