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  1. This script hasn't been updated in 5 years, why can it still be found on "scripts" o.o
  2. Hello there, I confirm that something is clearly wrong with the bot. However, my issue is a bit different from the guy above me.. my bot didn't even get to the point of using the burning amulet. I set it to use wildy altar - dragon bones. It went to the bank, took out *superior dragon bones* (not the dragon bones I set it to use) and then the script stopped. This is the client debug received: [21:02:18] Script Started: [Premium] JAIOPrayer. [21:02:30] [GUI Handler] Mode Selected: Wilderness Altar. [21:02:30] [GUI Handler] We'll be using: Dragon bones [21:02:31] [Task Handler] Tasks added for method: Wilderness Altar. If this is wrong, restart the script and make sure you've clicked start on the correct method. [21:02:31] [PK Observer] PKer Detection Thread Started. [21:02:31] Required Items Set: {Burning amulet(=1, Dragon bones=27} [21:02:34] [Bank Handler] Withdrawing Items. Fail Count: 0 [21:02:34] [Bank Handler] Attempting to Withdraw: Superior dragon bones [21:02:40] java.lang.NullPointerException [21:02:40] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.A(HandleBanking.java:264) [21:02:40] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.K(HandleBanking.java:302) [21:02:40] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.f(HandleBanking.java:173) [21:02:40] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.i(JAIOPrayer.java:185) [21:02:40] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.run(JAIOPrayer.java:93) [21:02:40] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) (note: "We'll be using: Dragon bones" and then "Attempting to Withdraw: Superior dragon bones") And this is the debug if I run the bot with no superior bones in the bank ( it just opens the bank and stops) [21:05:05] java.lang.NullPointerException [21:05:05] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.A(HandleBanking.java:264) [21:05:05] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.f(HandleBanking.java:228) [21:05:05] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.tasks.general.k.f(HandleBanking.java:34) [21:05:05] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.i(JAIOPrayer.java:184) [21:05:05] at scripts.JAIOPrayer.JAIOPrayer.run(JAIOPrayer.java:93) [21:05:05] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Just bought it today, expected to get some prayer gains, guess it'll have to wait a bit ^^. Thanks in advance, if there is anything else I can do I will help.
  3. Now I see that no timeout has been made since 2 days ago. I see that it died and after that something might have bugged. I'll try re-installing tribot altogether, I see that others don't have this issue, so it's something on my end prolly. Anyway, I have attached the latest timeout, hope it helps. I tried starting the bot with both 1)Slay Zulrah and 2)Restock, both end up with the bot putting on the right equipment, filling the inventory with everything needed and then remaining stuck there, ready to go to Zulrah (with the bank open). Will update after I re-install everything if it fixed the issue. Thanks! EDIT: Re-installing tribot did not help. Issue still persists. Here is a picture of what happens when I start the bot with everything ready: it opens the bank and remains stuck on "opening bank" - https://imgur.com/a/coZHq7y. If I start it without everything ready, the bot will equip everything needed, will prepare all the inventory and remain stuck with the bank open. EDIT2: Tried running the script on another PC(where I installed tribot and everything from 0) as well and the exact same issue occurs. So maybe it is something related specifically to my rs account..hmm
  4. Has anything happened to the bot overnight? I used it with no issues up until yesterday, but when I woke up today and started using it as usual, it just opens the bank at clan wars and remains stuck there with the bank opened. Eventually, the idle logout takes place, the bot logs back in, opens the back and remains stuck once again.
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