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  1. So the bot is running at falador but keeps opening the settings tab and fks around with that and gets stuck in key bindings all the time please help
  2. Keep getting booted off the fishing trawler boat because the script is too slow at clicking how do i fix this?
  3. on the wintertodt pro script the roots/brazier/fletching arent registering either and in pest control cant even cross the plank
  4. fearirish

    Blast Furnace

    Looking for a blast furnace script for gold bars using gold smith gauntlets in the bf world where you have to put money in the sack for the workers and yea thats pretty much it. contact me on steam : irishrush
  5. im buying for 140 gp ea so 14mil @Illuminati666
  6. as title says buying 100k coal in rsgp old school this is by the way message me on skype chrisrush33 or post here i need ores asap!!!!
  7. here are my files blast furnace is it matters 1429379598577-clicked_interfaces.dat 1429379598577-clicked_minimap_points.dat 1429379598577-clicked_points.dat 1429379598577-drop_item_delay.dat 1429379598577-login_times.dat 1429379598577-logout_times.dat 1429379598577-minimap_point_steps.dat 1429379598577-reaction_times.dat
  8. i have vip extended why doesnt the human mouse movement not work?
  9. What dont u understand dude our deal was 10mil for my service to 99 u only got to lvl 87 doesnt matter if i provided resources or not u were to complete my order. you didnt complete it and when i asked for a refund u were only going to give me bare minimum which is bs. I didnt void ur service either u told me that ur worker was "compromised" and that u cant complete my order so what am i just going to leave my account in the abyss? the 1st time i log onto the account after you said your worker was compromised my ign had been changed to some goldselling name so i changed it back to my name and secured it since u werent willing to complete it or give me my full deserved refund. BTW there wasnt a single item worth keeping on my account when i got it back so dont try lying if this is the way you are you deserve the negative feedback 7.5mil refund or u can keep the - feedback end of story when you stop being stubborn and face the facts that you ARE WRONG then you'll get ur perfect feedback back until then have fun. and if u think im scamming u out of 100k keep the fking 100k and give me 7.4mil
  10. i read it his worker was not fired he was trying to take my account my name was changed when i got back on my account and not even a quater of his service was completed i asked for 70-99 smithing for 10 mil he accepted and he only got me to 87 smithing which is 4mil about 99 is 13.5mil exp? so in order for this dispute to me closed i expect 7.5 mil returned to me. doesnt matter how long ago it was. 7.5mil returned to me or im not closing the dispute
  11. If my workers do not finish their order that I have given. They will be KICKED and it will be NONREFUNDABLE. does that mean that if your worker doesnt finish it you wont finish the order and you wont refund the person who paid for the order? once you clarify that id like powerleveling smithing lvls 87-99
  12. i have 3k im sellin for 1.2k ea thou damcdoogle on skype if interested
  13. skype damcdoogle lookin for the best price expect lower than 3$ a mil for a bulk buy please contact me!!!
  14. literally just bought tribot and just downloaded this script and within 1-2 hours my account is logged off and nothin is in my bank such bullshit
  15. Y IS IT AS SOON AS I DOWNLOAD AND USE THIS BOT MY ACCOUNT GETS LOGGED INTO AND ALL MY ITEMS ARE GONE? DONT USE THIS OR USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! FKING PISSED looked at my friends list and these are the names of my friends in my list now u suck hahahahah thats what u get FOR using tribot
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