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  1. theholyone

    The Goldfarming tips most people don't talk about.

    :shrug: His post was very detailed, just wanted to chip in as proxies can, and most likely will exceed server costs alone
  2. theholyone

    The Goldfarming tips most people don't talk about.

    You're forgetting proxy costs.
  3. theholyone

    Getting Instant Banned + firewall errors

    Sounds like a delayed ban from whenever you botted tutorial island, or whoever you bought them from did.
  4. I'd trust a free proxy site over this. just because of who this guy is, and the shit he spewed on the old Tribot discord, and the proxy should Be able to bot Tut island. My services should be 99% uptime.
  5. Just a couple things i'd like to point out @Aropupu 1) Do you think you could add an auto checker / solver for when the account has not toggled the " Do not warn me about world hopping unless PVP world " for fresh accounts? or maybe if some users are afraid, to select the yes option when prompted. Occurs on fresh accounts that have not enable that option for using in game world hopper. affects: aAgility + aMiner 2) May we please get an additional paint display for total nuggets in bank next to the amount mined on current session? maybe in parenthesis. not too much of a problem here, just would be nice. Thanks!
  6. theholyone

    Interface Trouble

    think I had a similar problem in the past. You're calling the RSInterface before it's ' there '. Try plugging RSInterface doughButton = Interfaces.get(270, 16); after you mix flour and water
  7. theholyone

    Script freeze - RSObject/RSNPC clicking

    Was wondering why the github page was so out of date, also remembered someone posted something about this previously but couldn't find it ( github ) Will do next time I catch it, Thanks!
  8. During attempts at clicking an object or npc via object.click(); or npc.click(); there's seems to be a random chance where it will hold the left button down but never release it, freezing the script. no extreme CPU, no frozen screen just mouse frozen in position held down ( blue cursor indicates holding down IIRC? ). atm the only way to fix this that I know of is to stop script, and start it over again. Would love if one of the devs could look into this, not going to post on github because : 1) I don't remember my account info 2) Last opened issue : #116 opened on Jun 1 3) Last resolved issue : somewhere in May public void attackNPC() { RSNPC[] cows = NPCs.findNearest("Cow"); status = " Looking for cows to kill "; if (cows.length > 0 && !cows[0].isInCombat()) { if (cows[0].click("Attack")) { status = " Successfully attacked a cow!"; Timing.waitCondition(() -> Player.getAnimation() != -1, 4000); } } }
  9. theholyone

    Cutscene/Instance detection

    pretty sure in some cut scenes your backpack icons and stuff go away, try that
  10. theholyone

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

    btw, Break handler's still not fixed. @TRiLeZ Using break handler, auto login Still getting stuck after Login bot started. It was stuck on the welcome screen ( Click here to play ) Manually clicked welcome screen to get in game before printing stack trace
  11. theholyone

    TRiBot Release 10.11_0

  12. My personal opinion which can be summed up in 1 line: tl; don't want to read: Nobody works for free, anyways my other 2C: 1a) If I was a scripter, and I had to make changes every now and then for scripts up to and including 2 years old for a one time payment of $50 ( example ) , well i'd rather quit and or do so whenever I have absolutely nothing else better to do. Doesn't matter what you do with the script, it's up there for you to decide what to do with it, personal gains or gold farming, has nothing to do with the script itself. 2a) Same answer, we live in the real world, a one time payment of $50 ( example ) is not going to in any way shape or form motivate me to make any changes to help improve scripts that don't benefit me, regardless of how many feedback / inputs I receive. Everything you've said might sound nice and pretty but you keep forgetting the tiny, TINY dollar value attached to the lifetime script that have now been at LEAST a year old. Others may have a big heart and keep a year old script alive, most I'd say wouldn't 3a) There's only so much you can do for antiban, unless you expect write a script to do random farm runs, random bosses, random GE bank standing etc. atm most bans aren't even script related it's how the user bots, however that's just coming from my ass so take it as you will.
  13. 1) How do we prove you're only doing this for "personal" gains, and it's not up to creators to tailor towards YOUR needs. 2) There can be as many black and white rules regulations etc regarding this, but i'd rather a scripter be motivated to update / change the script when needed. In a realistic situation, If you pay $50 for lifetime and ask the author to make changes to a 2 year old script, well good luck. 3) Nobody knows how they screen bots, it's always a cat and mouse game my 2c anyways.
  14. theholyone

    TRiBot Release 10.10_0 & 10.10_1

    @contemporary I've done all I can, if this doesn't get noticed i'm not going to bother creating a separate thread for the issue, feel free to quote my post if you wish to do so, i've given up. for a tl;dr This is NOT caused DIRECTLY by the login handler and or break handler, as my test used neither of these, and i'm 90% it has to do with the general.sleep or the timing api as that's what my findings are pointing towards. Cheers
  15. theholyone

    TRiBot Release 10.10_0 & 10.10_1

    Been almost 24 hours and no response.. guess i'll try tagging everyone. More findings, This is the stack trace I got while crashed on login screen. same method above status reads Click on ore @JoeDezzy1 @erickho123 @Encoded @wastedbro.