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  1. @TRiLeZ You guys forgot to push update for vanilla client to live version, Vanilla client still hooking via Dev mode. Thanks!
  2. Big thank you and hype if true for mouse hanging
  3. Ran via Novice boat ( low level account ) ETA 3hr~ til full void one set. highly recommend you purchase this script!
  4. I would if LG was working though
  5. Yes I do, 15 minutes a day on average x ( 365 x 2 ) = 182.5 hours. Your $10 is not worth 182.5 hours.
  6. <insert GTA Here we go again meme> Yeah, sucks how the $10 purchase you made 2 years ago isn't still active, being maintained and working am i rite
  7. theholyone

    Client starter

    You need a script to actually log in the account
  8. I did not read the block of text, but nice.
  9. btw actual name of script is nOneClickGoldFarmManagerDeluxeVersion3.0
  10. Script will basically log your account in, prints you a message of current world, then stop. Will attempt to log account in via account manager 3 times before it stops. Useful for : People who manually do stuff I guess. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2800 DOES NOT : Determine reason as to why it cannot login, will maybe add once I learn how to properly use the login message / response API
  11. That is literally the price for a bond without all the hassle
  12. My way of organizing bank is probably different from yours, which is different from user #2, which is different from user #3 etc
  13. :shrug: His post was very detailed, just wanted to chip in as proxies can, and most likely will exceed server costs alone
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