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  1. Tribot was never a " gold farmers only " tool. let's be realistic, some scripts were less than $20 for unlimited or close to unlimited auths, and you could make hundreds a day from it.
  2. Just to be clear, this only affects repo sales, and not scripts that we've wrote ourselves?
  3. Client starter dont work?

    Your mistake.
  4. Bot is not working

    I...I can't even begin to attempt trolling you... you provide no context, no information, all you've told us is that " bot is not working, no scripts working " What the hell are you expecting out of doing this? willing to bet anyone, that it's 99.99% user fault.
  5. Broken bots, new category search filter?

    Just go onto the scripts thread and visit the last page and read the latest posts.
  6. Savage Squad Questing Services [FREE Limited Time]

    will you get me 7qp on my fresh level 3s? have a few hundred that need it to be done
  7. When will the post editing be fixed, or is it just my browser? ( Having to check up on your bots every hour/hour(s) is not what I would consider as a " working " script, which is where i'm coning from )
  8. My take on this goes both ways: The prices for scripts are stupidly low in most cases, and IMO that doesn't really motivate the CS side of things, such as bug fixes / updates, which is understandable. The other way goes if the price raises presumably a lot of customers will leave with it, which is also a de-motivation for CS. unless we the customers learn to code for ourselves, we're in a situation where we're dependent on the writer to the point where we can only pray they care enough to fix/update when required, or just give up botting that specific category, move onto another script/bot, or just stop botting in general. +1 for active script writers
  9. I think a bigger issue is when you report a problem and don't get a response in 2-3 weeks, and the one response that was made during that time-frame was to answer another users question of whether or not the script was working, to which the response was " The scripts fine ". At this point i'm just praying the script lasts me until I make my own.
  10. Fresh accounts

    You just answered your own question. "How much are fresh accounts" "Saw them for $0.10 each. There have been guides posted holding your hand step by step on how to make an account with a proxy. Search and spellcheck before posting next time.
  11. Herblorer fails at quanity

    Not unless the script author changes it.
  12. Herblorer fails at quanity

    Because of the update almost a month ago. try reading the threads
  13. New to the Scene

    stop right now. you're going to lose your main bot on a level 3, or make a new account to bot on.
  14. doesn't trigger login method as it doesn't seem to care if the account is logged out, or banned, will continue spam clicking the minimap for walk, or equipment/bag for those methods. wasn't an issue of lag, it just doesn't check to see the account is actually in game, tribot API or not this is an issue. Might as well see if I can get a response, not going to keep hope up since i haven't heard back in over 2 weeks from discord where he said he was most active. @erickho123
  15. How many accounts are you running? Like i've said, these issues don't always happen, but they do tend to occur more often if you are lagging a bit, running one account will definitely be smoother than running 10 or 20