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  1. Finally got it working last night, it was completely my fault apparently I don't know how to navigate bitbucket properly big thanks for both the open source and the patience dealing with a leech like me
  2. again, hate to be such a leech, but there still seems to be problems with the bitbucket uploads, a lot of files can't seem to resolve? The import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.modulardecisiontree.nodes.ConstructorDecisionNode cannot be resolved etc
  3. excluding the time it was used as a RC bot, took about 2-4 months i'd say can't remember
  4. will not lie, Tivia's botting to max series might've been a factor in deciding to max the account
  5. Hello Some intro stuff: This account was never meant to be mained or maxed, it was originally my 99 RC account that I put on the bench because i didn't want it to get banned, I can't really remember the reason, but I started to max it slowly and here we are today! First and foremost, by MAX* I mean every skill that I find bottable ( Slayer is excluded ) and skill I want to do myself vs scripting ( Farming ) Closing intro stuff: For everyone saying this is fake or whatever, that's fine, all I can say is, this is real and I did bot 99% of everything lol Picture: Aropupu's aPlunder* not thiever Scripts used: Big Brain @theholyone Scripts @Naton @Aropupu @Encoded SPECIAL SCRIPT MENTIONS: Got me FULL void + mace + points for elite void Got me fishing trawler outfit.. after 10+hrs! CLOSING REMARKS: Would just like to give a special thank you to Tribot for being there, OSRS for paying some bills and everyone @ the current Leakfest for putting up with my annoying shit when i'm bored. Going to actually play the game now Happy botting and best of luck to you all Think that's it for now, gonna edit later
  6. Not sure if it's because i'm on eclipse or not, but all the framework imports from fluffeesLogin can't be resolved, any ideas? import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.mission.missiontypes.TreeMission; import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.modulardecisiontree.nodes.BaseDecisionNode; import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.mission.missiontypes.Mission; import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.modulardecisiontree.nodes.ConstructorDecisionNode; import scripts.fluffeesapi.scripting.frameworks.modulardecisiontree.nodes.FactoryDecisionNode; everything else seems to be ok
  7. Dam, you must be getting $20 per referral
  8. Not sure what i'm doing wrong, but I cannot save settings, or successfully start script, script instantly stops after i'm done setting up and attempt to run it, not sure if previous issue has anything to do with it No client or bot debugs just stops also a shameless bump for your fluffeesLogin.FluffeesLogin
  9. Been using it for months, haven't had any real issue, and any issue was dealt with in a timely fashion. got my main to 99 mining
  10. I don't know whose idea it was to remove the purchase VIP tab and replace it with just Scripts, but please bring back the old tab to purchase VIP, or create a new tab to purchase credits. My poor computer crashes for a minute every time i load the gigantic, cluttered, messy repo page Thank you <3
  11. @Aropupu Small little bug; if you don't have " Use deposit box " selected and it accidentally opens it, it seems to idle until fail-safe kicks in and stops script. Thanks [05:50:35] The script didn't gain any xp in 5 minutes. Logging out! [05:50:35] If you think this was an error, you can disable this in the settings! (General -> Misc settings) [05:50:35] Position: (3758, 5664, 0) - false - true - 10 - 30 [05:50:35] 46955 - 46955 - 0 - 94 [05:50:35] Motherlode Debug: truetrue [05:50:35] Deposit amount: 2, Limit: 3truefalse [05:50:35] Script debug: 1000, 1120, 1121, 1400, 1401, 1410, 1411, 1412, 1415, 1440, 1441, 1470, 2000, 2006, 2033, 2034, [05:50:35] true [05:50:41] Script Ended: aMiner v2.
  12. just use OSBuddy and avoid all that hassle
  13. as expected, the forced update did not include the fix for tribot's client starter, nor can we revert back to the old version with new launcher.
  14. Before the new launcher is forced upon us, is there a list of currently broken / being worked on fixes? aside from LG, the client starter is also broken.
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