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  1. We need this quest script to be done

    and who are you to tell everyone else what to do, and how to do it..? what an arrogant post
  2. Fresh off Tut

    terrible time to start gold farming anyways, gold's pretty low.
  3. daxCombat v2

    @daxmagex Might be a stupid question, but is the script suppose to start after clicking the apply settings button on the GUI? I've tried selecting one, and a few attackable NPC around my set location but it seems to be stuck @ Applying Settings... another thing to note, one of the main features of the script from the beta version was lost in the new one, the one where it clicks continue on level up if you are safe spotting. ( manually attacked a monster ) Thanks
  4. don't worry, you'll be refunded in a few days.
  5. oh look the 200th thread about dissatisfaction with proxyfish. Best thing you can do is email their " support " and hope for the best , they'll only tell you that it's " working " though so gl!
  6. accounts all banned within 3-4 days

    keep trying different things, nothing else you can do.
  7. [R] Decent rock/sand crab script.

    i'd vouch for your crab script anyday plenty of accounts have been built with your script
  8. All scripters! Offer on sale 24H

    I'd rather take a 2 text line paint that shows Time ran and profit made, anything else is just a waste of resources imo but.. good luck, would be nice to see some samples though, never seen a professional script painter
  9. Grand Exchange Item Volume - Most Traded

    Just to either clear up some confusion, or get an answer bac,k that 650M total trade should be divided by two, half belonging to sellers, and half belonging to buyers, at least that's how it should look like to me logically it doesn't make sense that someone bought 650m fire runes yet the " total traded " is 650m
  10. Buying script

    I love how it's somehow " niche " but stable enough to be 5m/hr
  11. Script freezes/ends

    There are two options for the game screen, one is fixed one is resizable, to use tribot you have to be in fixed, click the toolbar on the RS window then click on the monitor icon that's on the left for fixed mode
  12. Script freezes/ends

    are you on fixed mode..?
  13. If you don't receive the credits the debited amount will be refunded in a few days, same thing happened to me, although i'm not sure how you managed to buy 1 credit at a time, since 5 is the minimum
  14. seriously

    open your task manager and see if there is a java.exe running, chances are you are putting your computer to sleep without closing the client, or in the middle of closing client.
  15. Why do we have to buy credits?

    Unless paypal forces a refund even after you've received the item purchased with proof that said item has already been used, no they can't just buy credits, say unauthorized payment and walk away with money and credits..