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  1. I know, the "status window" - But I still feel like the gold (/hr) should reflect the profit.
  2. Shouldn't gold (/hr) reflect the profit calculated in the status window? Currently, they're two different values and the gold/hr just reflects the loot, without deducting the resources it seems.
  3. Looking glass is pointless IMO. And what makes a script safe is mostly about who wrote it. I'd, for instance, take Natons NMZ any day over the premium alternative you talk about. Premium doesn't necessarily mean good, sadly.
  4. Can you make it so that when your character dies, it resupplies before doing Zulrah again? Or maybe make it an option. A majority of my deaths have been from dying once, and then trying Zulrah with not enough food/No ranging/magic pot, and then dying over and over in a vicious circle. ?
  5. Minor bug: When you have enabled "Always use ABC2 delays when stunned" it doesn't take into account the dodgy necklace, which I feel like maybe it should? If a player is playing manually, and he notices that he didn't get stunned, he will click again, without the delay. So for 25% of the stuns it's actually applying a delay for no reason.
  6. 16385. Sending you a video of the bug on Discord.
  7. Gets stuck on WALKING_TO_AUBURY step: 2. It gets teleported by him in Varrock, then it uses a ring of dueling to go to the duel arena, and back to get teleported by him again, over and over. No idea what's causing it.
  8. Very stable script. I was wondering if you could either disable teleports or add an option for disabling them? If your character is wearing a glory/wealth/combat brace, it will teleport to various places to bank, instead of running that tiny trip to Ardougne. It might save a second or two, but it's really not worth it. Just looks bot-like IMO.
  9. I know you didn't ask, but don't spend 300$ on scripts. Put 250$ of them in the bank, and blow 50$ on scripts maybe. Don't waste money. You're only purchasing subscriptions to scripts. So buy them when you need them, to put your money to good use. Looking glass is a hassle and not worth it. The client isn't detected. Human mouse-movements are nice though. I'd recommend scripts by the following people: Naton, Einstein, Aropupu, and Encoded. These guys all make high-quality scripts with plenty of anti-ban. (Many are free as well, and higher quality than some premium ones) If you want your main to last, quest it a bit, and mix it up. I've had the most success with botting 6 hours a day (2-3 different scripts). It's high enough to get shit done but low enough to not stand out. Also, stay away from gold farming as a whole. Jagex seems to focus mostly on gold farming, so if you're just farming XP you'll fly under the radar in that aspect at least. Avoid these skills: Runecrafting and hunter. I've heard those are high ban rate.
  10. Restarting the client fixes it, but I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing it, or if it's just me. A reinstall doesn't fix it.
  11. I'd recommend @Einstein or @Naton, not sure if Naton does private scripts though.
  12. NMZ is without a doubt the safest if you're high enough levels for it. The best NMZ script is free as well. I did 1-60 attack/str/ranged at sand crabs, using the script by Naton. Also a very high-quality script, but it only does sand crabs.
  13. There's only 2 options for agility. aAgility and Relative Agility. For combat AIO you'll want the one by Optimus, formerly known as Tri. It's the best.
  14. I know right? But it was a very reputable site. I assumed hacking their users wasn't a thing. Naive.
  15. I use unique emails for my RS accounts, I thought that would keep me safe. Now after it all happened I'm unsure if I actually ever registered my email on the account. Like verified it and all. Might be how he "changed" the email so easily. That's a possibility, the only thing I ever used that email for, was the RS account, and to buy a fire cape. (Didn't change the password after receiving fire cape) So kind of asking for it. I'm not 100% that I had verified my email on the account, so maybe there wasn't one attached at all. I'm 50/50 on a database leak, or the person who did my fire cape saved the info. Either way, it's probably my fault.
  16. So my pc isn't infected, and my email hasn't been pwned, as far as I can tell at least. Has there been a database leak from somewhere RS related recently? He didn't access my email, but he changed my password and my email on the account, stole around 50m, and wrote "ty, for, bank" by adding those three names to friends. RIP.
  17. I think the system should be reworked entirely. Maybe retaining it as an alternative to the new break handler. I just feel like it could be done a lot smarter than it currently is. Maybe your profile should be assigned an ABC-Breaking value, that determines exactly how your profile breaks, then maybe a slider to select modifier, as in how much you want to break, 1 being very generous breaks, and 5 being no breaks at all. So there'd be 5 default breaking profiles to choose from, which act as modifiers to your ABC-Breaking value. The ABC-Breaking value would just contain various randomized settings for how your bot breaks, like does it favour small breaks or big breaks, does it break a lot or a little? Quantity vs quality kind of stuff. Then maybe the user could input how long they plan to bot for, and the break handler would just tailor breaking to that variable.
  18. Check out the stuff @FALSkills has released. Loads of open sourced stuff to learn from.
  19. I like that you jumped directly to the conclusion that you've been hacked ?
  20. I'd advice you to do your own research on the different scripts/scripters. Personally, I'd start out with anything by Naton, Encoded, godspower33, Einstein, Aropupu and FALSkills in no particular order. If you want your account to last as long as possible that is. These guys all produce really high-quality stuff, with great anti-ban. The best AIO combat is by Optimus (Formerly known as Tri), but the rest of his stuff isn't maintained to the same standard IMO. Also, avoid money making altogether, Jagex doesn't like gold farming, so if you just do Slayer, or NMZ, or random skilling, you're safer than if you did Runecrafting for 3 hours a day. Premium scripts aren't always better than the free ones. The best NMZ script is free for instance. Get VIP extended for human-mouse movements, and don't use LG, quest your account and do manual shit sometimes to make it look legit.
  21. Yo, could you consider adding a feature so it hops when someone with craws bow is near you for extended periods of time? You're going to get 0% of the kills when you don't have craws bow yourself.
  22. Markus

    WB Farmer BETA

    Hey man, any news? Perhaps an open beta or something?
  23. Question, why is everyone posting in this thread posting in a weird font and in broken English?
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