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  1. This is rare, and only usually happens if players use bots which have the ability to log accounts in without needing human input. That's new for me at least.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/5vm7tv/account_disappeared_into_thin_air_jagex_plz_help/ Copy pasting it here in case they decide to remove it.
  3. I've tried reaching out to Trilez without luck, maybe he's already reworking the breaking system, or maybe my idea is shit.
  4. @ericko123 Any future plans for adding all the optimal features? Or you keeping it as is?
  5. I did have traveling enabled both from tablet and from runes. So probably a tribot bug. Because I walked into the bank, and started the script again, then it withdrew a fala tab, and teleported there successfully.
  6. Chilling here, for 2 hours, for no particular reason. Bot debug; Client debug
  7. What are you talking about? I'm agreeing with you, and what has discipline to do with it? And I stayed on topic, but mentioned that you write a signature in your post, which is redundant, we can see who is posting. In the left side next to the message, it shows your profile, like this It's a pretty handy feature, it's something they implemented so we don't have so sign our messages.
  8. I don't think I did.. Did I? I meant to quote UKF, since he wrote a signature in his post. With love, Markus
  9. You know the signature is redundant when we can clearly see who made the comment. Anyhow, I completely agree. See these threads too often "I was only botting 10 hours a day, how did they catch me?!"
  10. I got like 75 hp so I doubt it's that. It just bugged out
  11. Yep it does, but they've always been good on the whole antiban thing as well, they had something like ABC2 way before we did.
  12. 10/10 thread. Anyhow, Tribot has no real competition. Except maybe SRL, and RID when it comes out.
  13. That makes no sense. Both spending 1200$ on a Macbook Pro, and the whole "They're work computers" thing. Your desktop is a better work computer too.
  14. I keep dying in the graveyard room. For some reason it stands and clicks by the portal to exit.. over and over.. until it dies.. The log says nothing.