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  1. I'm trying to check if the mineral I'm mining has been drained or not (by other players) so that I don't stand there mining empty rocks. Is there a way for me to get the object that I'm currently interacting with similar to the RSCharacter isInteractingWithMe()? private boolean mineOre() { oreIDs = Main.ORE.get(location); // gets the ore IDs RSObject[] allOres = Objects.findNearest(10, oreIDs); if (allOres.length < 1) { return false; } final RSObject rocks = allOres[0]; if (rocks != null) { if (Player.getAnimation() != MINING_ANIMATION && !Player.isMoving()) { if (rocks.isOnScreen()) { rocks.click("Mine", CLICK_RANDOM, CLICK_OFFSET); Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return ((Player.getAnimation() == MINING_ANIMATION) && Objects.isAt(rocks.getPosition(), rocks.getID())); } }, 3000); } } else if (Player.getAnimation() == MINING_ANIMATION) { // Player is mining return true; } } return false; }
  2. Despite setting General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); my scripts still performs the standard random camera rotations, right clicks and so on even before the next() timer. Is it supposed to be like that? Here's the code where I set to use the antiban compliance, I'm also using the node framework design by Worthy: @Overridepublic void run() { General.useAntiBanCompliance(true); Collections.addAll(nodes, new MineOre(), new LaughToTheBank(), new Navigator()); loop(100, 200);} I thought that using this is supposed to disable the standard rotations, right clicks etc.
  3. That's exactly it, just did a try catch on that line. In that case what does it contain? I've tried it on tin, copper too, even south of Lumbridge. The API doesn't tell exactly which numbers it contains, any way for me to view the entire contents some other way than making a for each loop and dumping them all in console?
  4. That's the problem, it didn't work. Here's the error I'm getting: And here's the exact code: mineOre(); RSObject[] ironOre = Objects.findNearest(10, Constants.IDs.Objects.rocks_iron); The moment I replace the 2nd argument with a variable containing an int[] array or directly passing an array - it works like a charm: RSObject[] ironOres = Objects.findNearest(10, new int[]{13444, 13445, 13446}); I certainly do not wish to pass an array of memory addresses of rock_irons to the findNearest() method: P.S. Testing iron rocks East of varrock. Those are all and only IDs for iron here.
  5. Thank you for explanation. It's a bit strange though, how would I then go about making something like: RSObject[] ironOres = Objects.findNearest(20, Constants.IDs.Objects.rocks_iron);Is there no other (clean) way of doing that other than making a ForEach loop for rocks_iron and adding them to an other array?
  6. I'm trying to get int array of IDs of iron rocks, I expected the return to be something like 512, 213, 551 etc but instead I get [email protected] I console printed this code with and w/o toString() Constants.IDs.Objects.rocks_ironDo I need some kind of conversion here?
  7. Cheers man, exactly what I needed!
  8. Is there anything similar to: Player.getPosition();if I want to get the Player's destination Tile when he's moving towards something?
  9. I ended up having nightmares about the red circles... Anyways, congrats with the project and here are my mouse data (20 total) mouse_data.zip
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